You’re a success, regardless…

You’re a success, regardless…

You’re a success, regardless…

It’s easy to believe that for one to be labeled a success, they must have fat bank accounts, superb careers and are high up in society. Maybe it’s so because society has created a picture of what it should mean and what it should look like. It seems like success has a stereotype: lavish lifestyle, a mega social media following, a fabulous career… the list goes on. Therefore, it is understandable why most people feel that they are so far behind and why they also feel like failures when it doesn’t work out for them by that definition.

This, however, is a misconception. Success isn’t and shouldn’t be limited to lavish living or a large social media following and the likes. You can be called one even in the little things you do.

If you’ve been able to complete a certain task, no matter how simple it may seem, you’re successful. If you are able to get by on a daily basis, you are successful. If you’re able to provide for your family, no matter how little, that is an achievement. If you’re still holding on regardless of how bad things seem, you’re a success. How about if you get out of that toxic relationship or a depressed state? What if you create a vision, overcome those fears, take the leap of faith and make that vision a reality? That, my friend, is a very successful outcome.

Maybe it’s time we started seeing and defining success in the little things we do on a daily basis rather than basing it, particularly on money and materialism. Perhaps, we wouldn’t feel left out, neither would we feel so insecure. I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t see the need to outdo one another or feel envious of each other. There would be no need for clout chasing or fake lifestyles because we would be content with our little successes knowing fully well that we are all shining in our individual ways.

So always remember that you’re a success, regardless of where you are in life. Don’t let society’s definition make you feel less of yourself. Have fun celebrating those little successes instead of wallowing in self-pity. I hope you have an amazing Monday. Much love!

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You're a success, regardless
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