When Yelling Eyes Go Unheard: A Short Poem

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When Yelling Eyes Go Unheard.

When Yelling Eyes Go Unheard|| Viano Dee

His eyes yelled for help
but he got nothing more
than nice smiles and compliments—
because no one ever heard.

Now, the live coal has gone
No one will ever know
why he chose to douse it
by landing on the oceans floor.

Written and Performed by Viano Dee
Instrumental: After Thoughts by Density and Time (Royalty Free beat).

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About When Yelling Eyes Go Unheard.

The poem is dark one which is a reflection of our society. We are too busy with social media and our day to day lives to notice when things go wrong.

Some people are struggling to stay alive but they never speak. Many people are depressed yet pretend to be okay but no matter how they try to cover it up, eyes don’t lie.

Someone said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Sometimes, all it takes is a look into someone’s eyes to understand the pain and reach out.

That’s what the poem is about. It’s about someone trying to communicate but no one understands. He puts an end to his misery by drowning.

When yelling eyes go unheard, most times, suicide is what comes next.

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