When He Turned Red: Short Poem

When He Turned Red: Short Poem

When He Turned Red: Short Poem

When He Turned Red.

White as the clouds,
he once was, till he
turned red like a burning

Like a florescent bulb,
she once glowed, but his
sizzling red effect
made her as wishy-
washy as an old grave.

Since he turned red,
she had been his daily
sacrifice; but today,
there’s nothing
left of her to offer;
her eyes are staring at
her breath has become
a part of the wind.

Written and Performed by Viano Dee
Instrumental: Sharp Senses by Ugonna Onyekwe (Royalty Free Beat).

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About When He Turned Red

When He Turned Red is a short but deep poem about a relationship gone sour. It’s about domestic violence resulting to death.

As I wrote this poem, I remembered some facebook posts I read from a young lady some months back. She kept speaking about her boyfriend had been maltreating her; beating her and even pulling her hair off her scalp.

I also remember she warned ladies to stop dating “bad boys” because they have no idea what they are asking for. She used herself as example.

Anyway, she spoke about how she ran away from him but he kept finding her and how it seemed she was putting everyone’s life in danger. I can’t recall where she was precisely but I think it was Chicago (again I’m not very sure).

I don’t even remember her name— I didn’t know her but many people advised her to go to the police— she was frightened.

Again, I can’t recall if she did. If she did, they probably didn’t take her seriously. If she didn’t, she was probably scared of being racially profiled (she was black). Or maybe she was scared of him— I don’t know. But one day, I woke up to the news that she was gone— he had finally killed her.

Her breath had become a part of the wind.


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