Two Different Worlds

Two Different Worlds

Two Different Worlds

Once a month, her breasts get tender
as bumps erupt on her face
in conjunction, her belly gets fuller
and cramps disrupt her days
She confides in junks and lies in bed
till the pain fades away
     A man’s tale she cannot tell
       for it’s a different world from this
It’s two different worlds we live in.

Once a year, he gets to dress up;
only on festive seasons
On some days there’s nothing to eat;
other days all he gets are tiny bits
The only time he has all he ever wants
is when he falls fast asleep
Yet, on social media, he lives his dreams
     But in reality, a rich man’s life he cannot live
        for it’s a different world from this
It’s two different worlds we live in.

Once in a while, she gets to smile
but every other time tears fill her eyes
Heavy punches, blows and so much trauma
have filled her days; it’s an everlasting drama
Her soul bleeds sore, her sores pour pus
   A happy wife’s home she cannot have
      for it’s a different world from this
It’s two different worlds we live in.

Every now and then pictures are uploaded:
smiling faces and seemingly great achievements
Envy is the new jewelry viewers wear on their necks
If only they knew how real Photoshop made people fake
maybe they wouldn’t wallow in self-pity, they’d just take a break
to be grateful for the little achievements and also the great.

Written and Performed: Viano Dee
Instrumental: Tenderness by TimMoor ( Tymur Khakimov)

About “Two Different Worlds”

This is a poem that sees life from opposite views. It points the attention of the reader to the fact that in some way, shape, or form, we live in separate worlds.

A woman’s world is different from that of a man’s. It’s the same for the rich and the poor; happy and sad and so on. However, social media creates an illusion that everything is great. It seems like people are truly what their pictures portray– that’s far from the truth.

We live in different worlds. One is reality, the other is fantasy. In reality, we are all going through various phases in our lives; each one has its own unique pain and troubles but on social media, it’s a different ball game entirely where envy is at an all-time high.

Many people are envious of what doesn’t even exist. Don’t be that person.

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Two different worlds

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Viano Dee

Non-niche blogger. Poet. Songwriter. A hardcore romantic. Her write-ups could take any form: poetry, articles, and even songs in ways that'll inspire you, resonate with you, or tell a story while keeping you both informed and entertained.

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Two different worlds! Social media and the real world can be different. Especially when people lead fake lives. It’s sad. Being yourself is great.

Di MadWriter

Beautiful one, I must say. Captivating.


Beautifully composed. Sometimes we forget our realities and focus on fantasies. In the end, we become ungrateful for the “little” things we have


Wow this is stunning. Such beautiful word and a really important message. I’m looking forward to reading more of your poems.

Charina Rasing

I love your poem and it is very true. Social media is very superficial. There are unforeseen anger, jealousy, misery and sadness behind it. Yes, there are two different worlds we live in.


Looking at both the perspectives is always a must to understand points that are needed to be analyzed.


social media and life seem so tangled these days. wonderful piece of poetry.

Lori Bosworth

You have captured very well the idea that our worlds are much different than what they appear to be.

Natasha Mairs

I really like this one, so beautiful and really meaningful


Yes, what an intriguing poem! It made me think that there are more than 2 different worlds. For you see, siblings growing up in the same house experience the world very differently. It’s like trying to describe the way your body reacts to something that no one else has ever experienced. Great share.


A poignant piece of poetry. I admire your sensitivity, the ability to write rich thoughts observing the simple aspects of life.


I agree with you that yes, indeed we live in different worlds. Each one of us has his/ her own journey and let us stop being envious of each other because no life is perfect. 

Bethan Taylor-Swaine

Its so easily forgotten that everyone views the world through their own lens, and as such we all live in different worlds. Thank you for sharing


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