Tweets With The Truth

Tweets With The Truth

Tweets With The Truth

Okay. I wasn’t planning to put up a blog post today but I decided to for a reason. In my last post, I spoke about the possibility of coronavirus being a conspiracy and I mentioned two entities that could possibly benefit from the virus which are: Pharmaceutical companies and The Government. You can read more about that here: 2020: The Year Of Viruses

Of course, everyone had their opinions: Some agreed while others felt it was better to focus on taking precautions against the virus. It’s obvious not many people believe in conspiracy theories because truth be told, they’re so many outrageous ones but that doesn’t mean these things don’t exist.

Now, a few moments ago, I was chatting with an acquaintance and she pointed my attention to some tweets by a guy called AL iskandar. His tweets made complete sense.

In this thread, he analyzed the game plan. The virus started in Wuhan, yet only Wuhan in the whole of China was affected. The virus didn’t affect Beijing and Shanghai which are only a few kilometers away from Wuhan— but spread round the world and is crippling the rest of the world’s economy. How is this possible?

More frightening is the 2018 Korean series stating in details what the coronavirus is about and what company would produce the vaccine.

If you’re on twitter, you can find the original thread here. If not, below are screenshots. I’d like to call this segment, “Tweets With The Truth”. Take a look.

Tweets with the truth
Thread 1
Tweets with the truth
Thread 2
Tweets with the truth
Thread 3
Tweets with the truth
Thread 4
Tweets with the truth
Thread 5
Tweets with the truth
Thread 6
Tweets with the truth
Thread 7
Tweets with the truth
Thread 8
Tweets with the truth
Thread 9
Tweets with the truth
Thread 10
Tweets with the truth
Thread 11
Tweets with the truth
Thread 12
Tweets with the truth
Thread 13
Tweets with the truth
Thread 14
Tweets with the truth
Thread 15
Tweets with the truth
Thread 16
Tweets with the truth
Thread 17

In case you’re still doubting, I stated earlier that the 2018 Nexflix Korean series titled “My Secret Terrius” fully explained coronavirus. What seemed to look like fiction then, is now a reality. Watch video here:

This is something that they’ve known would happen. They aren’t time travelers— it’s something that has been planned. If after all of this, you still think it’s all a coincidence, I don’t know what to tell you.

It is clear that this is about power— power and greed. There are people who will kill in order to get what they want. Look how many souls have gone! For what?!

The 1996 fictional character/protagonist in Resident Evil vs The current Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The truth has been in our faces all along but we’ve been too blind to see. As a matter of fact, we’re getting to a point where people will no longer have rights. Even standing up for the truth will be considered rebellion.

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.” ― George Orwell

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” ― George Orwell

Please understand that this is not to cause panic but to create awareness. It is only when one is aware that one can be prepared. Here’s the bitter truth: The system doesn’t care about you.

Now, this may not be the end of the world and it may— we don’t know for sure.

Way forward? Don’t be or remain ignorant. The truth is being hidden in plain sight. Watch and pray. Get closer to Jesus. Speak for the truth. There’s a possibility you may end up dying for it but it’s better than living and believing a lie.

Share your thoughts.

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Tweets With The Truth
Tweets With The Truth
tweets with the truth

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Kristine Nicole Alessandra

In my honest opinion, I think this is all planned. I have read about some “conspiracy theories” before, but brushed it off initially. Now I definitely believe this is one grand plan to paralyze other countries’ economies and China would become the new superpower. Just to let you know, while my country is pre-occupied with finding ways and means to control the spread of the virus, China started “reinforcing” and building new artificial islands in reefs in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea). Those reefs are the ones which has been declared officially part of the Philippines by the Hague Ruling. How upsetting.


There could be some truth here…when money and power are involved, the little people do not have much value.


Loved reading it. Do write more!


I am not really sure about believing all these conspiracy theories but I just know that the truth will come out. I refuse to believe that some would be evil to do cause this for money and power. So, I am still holding on to the goodness of humanity.

Olivia Ngene

The dots are connecting. It has been there along we were blind to see it, carried away with their initial claims that it started from soup. Everything beginning to make sense

Eric Gamble

Wow, Al’s perspective into this Corona and china conspiracy theory is quite intriguing. I guess it all could be possible to run a plan like he theorizes.

american mom - french state of

Honestly people are dying so regardless of wether it’s a conspiracy or not doesn’t really matter. What matters is is getting out of this mess one way or another. Personally I’m over seeing it in the news and over life being at a complete stand still

Blair Villanueva

Conspiracy, man-made or not, it isn’t wise to point-fingers whose at fault. Finding for solution and future prevention is important.

Lia Pontarelli

As long as people are still getting sick and dying, that should be our focus. Not a fan of conspiracy theories, personally.

Sol Razo

This may not be set aside. There is a big possibility for these conspiracy theories. I am an avid movie fan when it comes to solving mysteries and this kind of thing. The truth will always come out at the right place at the right time. All wrong doings will be punished.

Maysz Adrias

Not fan of conspiracy theories in this situation the best thing to do right now is pray to end this crisis! Thanks for sharing.


Gotta love the internet and all the room it gives for conspiracy theories & wild accusations………at least it’s entertaining to some folks.

Prakhar Kasera

The whole world is aware of those facts and is talking about it. The antidote thing is very much making sense and people do believe that they have the antidote for it.


Money and power will corrupt even the strongest person. I just want this all to end and for the world to be in a better place because we protected those most vulernable and put systems in place so that a situation like this never happens again.

Lush Fab Glam

Whatever conspiracy theory or the other you believe in one thing remains true we will all die at one point or another, how we live our lives and treat others matters.


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