To The One

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To The One.

To The One || Viano Dee

To The One.

I do not know who you are, but maybe I do— only not aware that it is you.
I like to think of you as Prince Charming
but I know that’s impossible;
there are no perfect beings; there are no perfect things
and wishes do not always come true.
Even though my mind has created a perfect picture of you, you’re still a blur.
I guess I should call you a surprise inspite of my fears. I fear I may not recognize you as the one and may make a wrong choice;
but again, something tells me we will sync when we meet for I am
the bone of your bone
the flesh of your flesh
therefore I must connect to you if indeed I am a part of you.

I am she who should be called home,
the one who you run to— to calm you down on a bad day. I am the shoulder you’ll lean on, the chest you’ll cry on. I am the warrior who will fight with you — fight for you on bended knees. I will love you despite your flaws and shortcomings because I have chosen to—

but don’t let that fool you into taking me for a fool because that could go a whole ‘nother level.
(You’ll get in full what you sow- you feel me?).

But don’t get me wrong also, there will be days when I will get on your nerves and make you mad; please remember I am not perfect too.
I really hope that on days when we fight, we will settle our differences with hugs and kisses almost immediately; if not, latest before the sun sets— I wouldn’t want to hold a grudge before we go to bed.

My love, there are many things I’d love to say but words will fail, I believe in actions over a thousand words so

I guess I’ll wait till you find me then I can show you.
However, I need you to always remember that whatever happens, I’ll stand by you — trusting you’ll do so too.

I hope you find me soon.

Written and Performed by Viano Dee
Instrumental: I Love You by Vibe Tracks

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Viano Dee

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