To The Broken Man: Spoken Word

To The Broken Man: Spoken Word

To The Broken Man || Viano Dee

To The Broken Man.

I watched you drown in your most
intense fears,

in your hidden struggles,
in your traumatic pain

because society made a claim
that you ought to be strong regardless
of what comes along.

Every voice is heard but not yours,
even when you’re the victim, you go

Hardly do they discuss the rape
and the domestic abuse that you face —

it’s like they slide it underneath the carpet
and when it seems almost visible —

they toss it into the ocean
beneath its floors.

There lies a great silence;
a burden you alone bear.

You put on a façade that you’re strong
when deep within you are wounded and scarred.

If there was ever a time when your voice
needed to be heard,
it is now — at this very moment

and after today,
it will no longer go unheard.

Written and Composed by Viano Dee
Instrumental: Flecks of Light by The Tower of Light (Royalty Free).

About To The Broken Man

This poem was inspired by the tales of men being abused sexually and domestically. It’s something we hear about not too often and very little is done about it.

I’ve watched some social experiments where if the female is being maltreated by a male, many people come to her aid. But when it’s the other way around, nobody cares. Not once have I seen anyone come to the rescue of the man when publicly maltreated.

It’s like the society is being conditioned to think that the man is always in the wrong. Even in cases where a man is killed by a woman, the case is treated almost without regard.

There’s no equality in justice if we treat a gender highly than the other.

Justice is not and should not be defined by gender or race or social status. What is wrong is wrong. Who is wrong is wrong. Justice is no respecter of persons.

So today, with the same energy we fight for the rights of women and children, let us fight for the rights of the broken men.

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Viano Dee

Non-niche blogger. Poet. Songwriter. A hardcore romantic. Her write-ups could take any form: poetry, articles, and even songs in ways that'll inspire you, resonate with you, or tell a story while keeping you both informed and entertained.

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You are so right, sometimes i wonder if the society is bias regarding rape and domestic violence on men, keep up.

Viano Dee
Reply to  amadi

Thanks for reading, Amadi.


i feel so touched and moved with that poem, tears almost fell in my eyes. it’s just sad that violence is done to anybody who doesn’t deserve it. keep it up though, this poem can move mountains.

Viano Dee
Reply to  TeamRyce

Thank you so much for your kind words, TeamRyce.

Viano Dee
Reply to  Viano Dee

Very true, Kemi. That’s why we need to speak up for them not shush them. They are men not immortals and tears doesn’t always mean weakness.


Such a great emotional poem and sadly it is very true there is a difference between men being abused.  Abuse is abuse whether you are male or female x

Viano Dee
Reply to  StressedMum

Exactly StressedMum.

Elle (CleverlyChanging)

The poem is powerful and timely. It makes me remember the “me too” movement and how men are sometimes overlooked as victims and normally seen as perpetrators.

Viano Dee

That’s very true, Elle.

Liz Bayardelle

This is quite beautiful, and a very necessary topic!  Any tale of abuse is tragic, but men face a specific set of issues when it happens to them.

Viano Dee
Reply to  Liz Bayardelle

That’s true, Liz. This is why we need to help them find their voices. Abuse is not okay.


This is really sad. Totally agree with you. We don’t really hear about it too often but this type of abuse exists. I hope that the world will be more understanding to men that yes, sometimes they are also the victims. 

Viano Dee
Reply to  Clarice

Exactly, Clarice. I hope so too.


Wow, you are great with your words. Great job voicing your concern and raising awareness for something that you are passionate about.

Viano Dee
Reply to  Kendra

Thanks so much, Kendra.

Tracy C

Your voice is so soothing, yet so your words have so much power. Thank you for spreading awareness of this issue. Men need help too!

Viano Dee
Reply to  Tracy C

Thank you so much, Tracy C.

Marjie Mare

This poem speaks to me deeply.  So many days, we have to put a strong face, force a smile and keep going on regardless of our pain.  Thanks for sharing.

Viano Dee
Reply to  Marjie Mare

Glad you can see it from another perspective and relate to it, Marnie.


That poem as written so perfect. The meaning behind it was very meaningful and I love how you choose this title.

Viano Dee
Reply to  AMY

Thanks so much for your kind words, Amy.

Kristine Nicole Alessandra

It is not common to discuss about the male being a victim of domestic violence or sexual abuse. You are right that this is a topic that is not often discussed. I think it is the stigma that men are perceived to be the “stronger” sex and crying is a sign of weakness. We must put an end to this. Violence does not know of any gender. Anyone can be a victim and we must do our best to help these victims.

Viano Dee

Exactly Kristine. Their voices need to be heard. 


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This is a great poem with such a meaningful inspiration. I agree that men should be given the same fight for rights as women and children are.

Viano Dee
Reply to  Ashley

Thank you so much, Ashley.


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