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To The Broken Man: Spoken Word

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To The Broken Man || Viano Dee

To The Broken Man.

I watched you drown in your most
intense fears,

in your hidden struggles,
in your traumatic pain

because society made a claim
that you ought to be strong regardless
of what comes along.

Every voice is heard but not yours,
even when you’re the victim, you go

Hardly do they discuss the rape
and the domestic abuse that you face —

it’s like they slide it underneath the carpet
and when it seems almost visible —

they toss it into the ocean
beneath its floors.

There lies a great silence;
a burden you alone bear.

You put on a façade that you’re strong
when deep within you are wounded and scarred.

If there was ever a time when your voice
needed to be heard,
it is now — at this very moment

and after today,
it will no longer go unheard.

Written and Composed by Viano Dee
Instrumental: Flecks of Light (Royalty Free).

About To The Broken Man

This poem was inspired by the tales of men being abused sexually and domestically. It’s something we hear about not too often and very little is done about it.

I’ve watched some social experiments where if the female is being maltreated by a male, many people come to her aid. But when it’s the other way around, nobody cares. Not once have I seen anyone come to the rescue of the man when publicly maltreated.

It’s like the society is being conditioned to think that the man is always in the wrong. Even in cases where a man is killed by a woman, the case is treated almost without regard.

There’s no equality in justice if we treat a gender highly than the other.

Justice is not and should not be defined by gender or race or social status. What is wrong is wrong. Who is wrong is wrong. Justice is no respecter of persons.

So today, with the same energy we fight for the rights of women and children, let us fight for the rights of the broken men.

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