Thoughts On Feminism And Gender Roles

Thoughts On Feminism And Gender Roles

Thoughts On Feminism And Gender Roles

Written by Di MadWriter (Contributor)

We’re very familiar with the notion that when a woman is more successful than her husband, builds big establishments, and works more hours, society frowns upon her.

This is what the feminists fight and try to rid us of. Women who want to work should be allowed to chase their dreams to the climax. After all, we’re all humans.

But what we’re not familiar with is how the society treats men who, according to her standards, are underperforming.

Women who want to work should be allowed to work. That’s a legit argument; worth listening to anytime. In that same light, men who don’t want to work should be allowed to function as househusbands.

I know you’d probably say some men do it anyway. But that’s not the fight. Women have risen to places of power too, but we’re still fighting for a society that doesn’t antagonize them for doing so.

Therefore, we should also fight for a society that doesn’t talk down or undermine men who simply made the choice to be househusbands.

On reading this, someone asked me, ‘so men can simply make the choice to be househusbands?’ She believes that men who are househusbands didn’t make that choice, that they were either laid off or lost their businesses, and that they ended up being affected by it psychologically. In a bid to redeem their ego or masculinity, they turned to alcohol and other vices.

But the psychological effect isn’t really as a result of what he can or can’t do, it is about how society sees and treats him.

That is how deep this has eaten into the society. First, to assume that every man wants to go out to work and isn’t interested in taking care of a home is the same as assuming every woman wants to be a housewife.

Saying only circumstances push men into being househusbands is like saying only women who have no men in their lives feel the pressing need to work and prove that they can survive without men.

Should a man be seen less as a man simply because he prefers to be a home maker rather than a provider?

Hold on! I know some will say that it is biblical that a man should provide for his family. True. But what does it say about the woman? Yeah, I thought so too. My point is if you’re going to change the system– I mean, be fair! Be impartial!

We’re endorsing a system that allows the woman to be whatever she wants. We call it equality. Yet it doesn’t allow the man to be whatever he wants. That’s a loophole.

A supposed feminist in Nigeria recounted her dating experiences and came to the conclusion that she’d rather be with a man who practices patriarchy than with a male feminist. Her reason being that male feminists only use feminism as an excuse to split bills. She doesn’t want to split bills, but she wants to split the caregiving role equally with her man. How convenient!

Equality is equality. Let’s not dance around words. You can’t eat your cake and have it.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but when a man leaves his child, the court mandates him to pay child support, right? Yet, I hardly hear of a woman paying child support after leaving her child with the father. Is that okay?

Are we ready to trash gender roles? It doesn’t seem like we are. You’re either in for this or you’re not.

If we don’t start filling up the loopholes, we’d end up with another imbalance.

I want your thoughts on this at the comment section below.

Di MadWriter

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Thoughts on feminism
Thoughts On Feminism and Gender Roles
thoughts on feminism
Thoughts On Feminism And Gender Roles


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