The “Victoria’s Secret Karen”: Everything You Need to Know

The “Victoria’s Secret Karen”: Everything You Need to Know

The “Victoria’s Secret Karen”: Everything You Need to Know

So if you aren’t aware of who this Victoria’s Secret Karen is, not to worry — l’ll serve you the gist. It’s hot, spicy and could leave you purging with mixed feelings.

About roughly 11 days ago, Ijeoma Ukenta, a Nigerian-American Muslim, was shopping at the Short Hill Mall in New Jersey when she encountered Abigail Elphick, who is now known as the infamous “Victoria’s Secret Karen”.

Abigail played the ‘Karen‘ card according to all the rules made by the White women of Karenland. And you know what? She nailed it. Wait, she not only nailed it, she sprinkled it with some extra. Here’s how it played out.

She tries to hit Ijeoma who dodges but luckily, was filming before that happened. The camera shifts (showing that Ijeoma had lost her balance) before it resumes recording.

Next thing we know, Abigail begins acting like the victim. She’s starts crying and then squats like she’s been severly hurt. You’d think she’d just received a terrible news but nope — that’s not the case. Attention is really what she’s aiming for.

Ijeoma, who is still recording is in shock just as everyone who’s watching the video is. As she’s expressing her concerns while narrating what happened, Abigail blurts out incomprehensible words at first, then blatantly lies that she didn’t try to hit Ijeoma.

Karen (Abigail) then stands up and yells, “You’re recording me” while crying. She moves over to other White shoppers to seek validation but unfortunately, they ignore her. They’re just there minding their business.

When that isn’t working in her favour, she plays a character where she devolves into a child —like a 4-year-old child who is really terrible at acting— and falls to the ground in slo mo‘ (slow motion) giving the impression that she has fainted. Can’t even lie. It was so hilarious.

After a few seconds, Abigail miraculously regains consciousness and starts flailing her legs while she’s still lying on the floor. It’s the kind of thing some children would do when you take their stuff away from them. Yeah, that’s what this grown ass 25-year-old, 4-year-old wannabe woman was doing.

Next, she starts chasing Ijeoma around, yelling at her to stop recording her while claiming to be suffering from a panic attack. One or two people try to tell the Black lady to stop recording– something she doesn’t agree with— which is quite understandable.

Miss mental illness proceeds to call the Police, crying profusely with claims that a Black woman is threatening her. At the same time, she’s charging towards Ijeoma and talking to the Police about how the Black lady is recording and laughing at her because she (the caller) is having an ‘episode’.

Meanwhile, the whole time this is going on, everyone is acting like nothing is happening– well, apart from two or three people who try to calm Miss White priviledge down at some point. But guess what? The mall security is nowhere in sight despite Ijeoma repeatedly asking for them.

Finally, one shows up and for some reason he’s at loss on what to do and so is the police when they eventually arrive. For some strange reason… wait. No, strike that. For the reason of whiteness, Abigail is being sympathized with and they blatantly refuse to escort her out!

Can you imagine if the tables were turned? Not only would they escort the Black lady out, she’d also have been arrested. Anyway, I’m done talking. Y’all can check out Ijeoma’s videos (which have now been complied in a single video by another youtuber) and watch for yourselves.

People’s reaction to the video

While many were against Karen’s behaviour, a few people sought to justify her “episode” as a form of “mental illness”. In fact, some were of the opinion that she suffered from epilesy. Can you imagine this? Anyone who’s seen an epilectic patient knows this ain’t it. Please, let’s call a spade what it is: a spade!

Racism isn’t a mental illness. It is a mindset, a decision — period! There’s no reason to justify her actions. To say she suffers a mental illness is an insult to everyone including those who truly suffer from mental illness. This action is a clear case of manipulation, white privilege and an awful sense of entitlement.


In as much as this was kind of hilarious, it’s also sad. It shows the power of the” White lady tears”. Those tears are more valuable than facts and hard evidences especially when it concerns people of colour.

Imagine if this happened in an isolated area or even worse, in an era where there were no cameras. This lady’s tears would have counted as physical evidence of assault than the testimony of the victim. This person could literally be in a pool of blood and the White woman unscathed but the POC would be accused of the said crime.

We’ve seen these happen severally in times past and POC’s (People of Colour) have been killed for things like this. You name them: Emmett Till, Jeremiah, Rosewood massacre… the list goes on. All it took was a White woman to cry and lie. The same thing happens to this day — only that in many cases, there’s a receipt.

So if you still think there’s no such thing as White priviledge or racism, you may want to think again.

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Victoria's Secret Karen
Victoria’s Secret Karen
Victoria's Secret Karen
Victoria’s Secret Karen

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It’s quite sad to hear about such incidents. I hope that people would just start hating less and understanding differences more.

Yemi King

I have mixed-race children and they are all different complexions, meaning all three will get treated differently. Though they came from the same mom! It saddens me that still in 2021 this happens.


It’s really sad to know that these incidents are still going on. It’s also very disturbing. While there are always two sides to the story, hurting and hating someone on purpose is unacceptable behavior. I agree with Christy that I too hope for less hate and more understanding.

Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com

Sarah Bailey

I thought this was a really sad incident to see, I don’t get why someone didn’t go and help the person who was filming? Why didn’t they check she was Ok after being chased around the store.
I hope the “Karen” got the help she obviously needed as well.


It’s terrible that people still behave this way in 2021, the slavery days are over, the days of black vs white are over. Why can’t we just live in peace and love with everyone like brothers and sisters?


It is sad to hear how few arrogant racist people are just ruining the world. I fail to understand why color or religion matters. We all bleed the same way. I wish we could simply stop the hate and be humans


I followed this on Twitter lol. We’re so used to it here at this point that everyone was laughing at her dramatics. How can you carefully faint and position your arms and legs? Lol. She was terrified of losing her job as a teacher too. Smh.


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I didn’t know this, so thank you for sharing. It is really sad to see these things happening, and I do try to teach my kids to be kind, polite and treat everyone with same love and fairness


This is really sad and awful. I hope this sad incident had taught “Karen” a valuable lesson. How I wish racism will 100% end soon. 


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Was all for ‘mental illness’ till you hear her tone change when she’s talking to other white women and the cops. No longer a dying balloon, but calm enough to speak. She’s not upset she’s being recorded, she’s upset there’s evidence of her actions.

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