The Vaccination Saga

The Vaccination Saga

The Vaccination Saga

It took almost two weeks to get this out. Let’s just say I’ve never been so discouraged to write. There has been so much information in the past week that all I did was ponder on how to get it out in a comprehensible format. To be honest, I still haven’t figured how. I’ve just decided to write anyway and let it flow.

I realized just how easy lies can be modified and presented to look like truth especially by the media. Last month, ID2020 became a trending topic and as a result, many became aware that digital ID ( Digital identity is a computerized record of who a person is, stored in a registry. It is used, in this case, to keep track of who has received vaccination) was a thing– something that would be inserted through a vaccination program which Bill Gates himself confirmed and even later clarified. I will show proof shortly. But why am I talking about this now?

A lot of blogs came out to state that that was a rumour– that there was misinformation and that Gates never mentioned anything about quantum dot tattoos in the Reddit talk. Here’s what Bill said:

“Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it.” 

According to BuzzFeedNews, it was BioHackInfo that falsely linked “digital certificates” to a December 2019 study funded by the Gates Foundation on quantum tattoos — invisible ink that could last five years and be read with a smartphone. BuzzFeedNews states further:

“These markings were developed to provide a vaccination record and there is no ability to track anyone’s movements,” one of the study’s authors told PolitiFact, which debunked the claim. “This technology is only able to provide very limited (e.g. non-personalized) data locally. These markings require direct line-of-sight imaging from a distance of less than one foot. Remote or continuous tracking is simply not possible for a variety of technical reasons.”

Did BioHackInfo give misleading info?

I personally do not think so. If anything I think they were just explaining what the digital certificates were. Because as a matter of fact, the December 2019 study was referring to a vaccination program that was funded by Gates– the same thing ID2020 suggested.

“We are implementing a forward-looking approach to digital identity that gives individuals control over their own personal information, while still building off existing systems and programs,” says Anir Chowdhury, policy advisor at a2i.

“The Government of Bangladesh recognizes that the design of digital identity systems carries far-reaching implications for individuals’ access to services and livelihoods, and we are eager to pioneer this approach.” (italics for emphasis)

Biometric Update: biometricupdate.com

So what exactly are “the far-reaching implications for individuals’ access to services and livelihoods” if the only reason is to clarify that the program is intended to allow people to receive vaccination and prove they have received it and not to track individuals? But let’s assume that could mean anything and everything. What did Bill say afterward?

In a bid the make people understand the need for vaccines, he breaks the steps and various processes involved in creating vaccines in a blogpost. This is after he states that” Dr. Anthony Fauci has said he thinks it’ll take around eighteen months to develop a coronavirus vaccine. I agree with him, though it could be as little as 9 months or as long as two years.”

He proceeds to mention RNA and DNA vaccines as some of the options which again points back to David Icke’s and Anthony Patch’s explanation of how a DNA manipulator works of course, through a vaccination program. Mind you, this was something that has been talked about sometime in the late ’90s through the years. Bill may not have outrightly said this but he subtly confirmed their “theories”. ID2020, quantum dot tattoos, RNA, and DNA vaccines tend to be interconnected. Take it or leave it.

The “Plandemic”

Judy Mikovits’ documentary “Behind the Scenes of a Pandemic From an Expert” made more waves than the fuss about the digital ID. The video was deleted several times on YouTube as more and more people kept re-uploading it. Many people (including and especially the media) discredited her and called her a liar. However, I personally think before anyone decides whether or not she lied, they ought to watch the video and then make their decisions instead of having the media report what she said or didn’t say.

Now, let’s assume that everything she said was a lie. How about the other doctors speaking out? Are they also liars? I am no doctor nor am I a scientist but if there was one point she made that stood out, it is the fact that Bill Gates is not a health expert and he shouldn’t be doing what he is doing now. Here’s what I have decided to do. I have decided to upload the video to give you an opportunity to listen to her and also pay close attention to what the other doctors had to say. Here it is:


The Vaccination Saga has led people to revolt and lose confidence in the mainstream media as efforts seem to be made in discrediting those whose views differ from those who seem to be in power. Agreed, some information may do more harm than good especially when they are false but in a case where a lot of things do not add up– people naturally will begin to question the system.

First, it was reported that the virus started from the animal market in Wuhan then it came specifically from bats. But no wait, it’s actually man-made and it escaped from a laboratory. And the world was like: “Wait, what are we supposed to believe now?”

Then we were told that it wasn’t airborne but somehow, it became airborne. Somehow people in their “millions” started getting infected yet the number of deaths compared to the number of the infected was nothing. Wars, poverty, suicide, drugs, and many other illnesses have claimed more lives than this pandemic yet it is a pandemic!

Normally, the sick ones are meant to be quarantined but they were like no! The world must be quarantined. The whole economy shut down because of this “deadly” virus and for some reason, people suddenly stopped dying from anything else but COVID-19. Fear and panic become the order of the day as the majority demand hysterically for a vaccine without caring for its contents.

On the other hand, a few people are reading between the lines, connecting dots and, asking questions.

Why did they sell a false narrative at first, when they knew all along it was a man-made virus?

People are ignoring the fact that some doctors are also questioning why they are being asked to treat all respiratory illnesses as COVID-19 cases. But they are being labeled as liars by the mainstream media and the masses.

The demand for vaccines even becomes louder. This is even after a recent US court case revealed there has been no quality control over vaccines manufactured by big-pharma for at least 32 years. Still, the majority of the people are in denial. They think vaccines are the only options whereas there are natural herbs and food that boost the immune system.

We see some social media accounts and channels being blocked, banned, or deleted. I was surprised when YouTube deleted David Icke’s account. That man has been talking for years– since the ’90s. Is it because a lot of the things that were tagged “conspiracy theories” are slowly becoming realities? They didn’t shut him up till now– why? I simply wonder.

“When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”

George R. R. Martin

At the end of the day, everyone is entitled to their opinions. Everyone has a right to believe what they would but the fact remains, that no matter how long falsehood thrives, it can never become the truth even if it believed by many. The truth can be buried but it never dies. It will eventually reveal itself.

What do you think about the vaccination saga? Share your thoughts.


The vaccination saga
The Vaccination Saga
The Vaccination Saga
The Vaccination Saga

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That video was sooo interesting. Definitely gives you a different outlook on the situation. I do totally agree with the masks and gloves comment those doctors made. We do need bacteria and viruses for our immune system to function properly.

Viano Dee
Reply to  Veronika

Right? I thought so too. I mean, our noses are for breathing why should they be closed when the virus isn’t even airborne?


Thanks for the information. Personally im not sure what to believe because realistically there are A TON of conspiracies out there especially right now and your right, the truth can be buried but will reveal itself eventually. I guess only time will tell.

Viano Dee
Reply to  Yana

It’s true that there are lots of “conspiracy theories” but somehow you’ll figure it out eventually. The truth cannot die.

Claudia Blanton

Interesting theories. Not my cup of tea. As someone who is immuno-comprimised and having a genetic illness, I am trying just to stay alive. And the same goes for my kids and my husband’s mother. I am just glad that my parents do not have to see what is going on right now, they would both be very upset with the world.

Charlotte Petit Noble

What a conspiracy. I don’t know where we are going with it. but for sure the world is changing forever. In my family, we just stay away and don’t take risk. Such a weird period to experience.


Yes, those are two very different theories. A lab vs a live bat?


Very interesting post. It is scary for person like me who is immuno-compromised. I really do not know what is happening and it is very scary. I do wish there is some relief soon.

Dianne Gansatao

What a really interesting theory about conspiracies rising against the covid 19 situation.

Di MadWriter

with so many news articles online, i agree that we really don’t know what and where to believe. right now, we have to be vigilant and take care of ourselves. obey our government and refrain from doing unnecessary things.


This is a very intresting post. There is so much news about COVID that you do not know what to belive anymore.

Kristine Nicole Alessandra

We definitely live in uncertain times. On May 31st, it will be our 76th day on lock down. I wish our government would get their act together and really think of more effective ways to control the spread. I don’t watch the news that much, because just seeing the rising number of infections give me anxiety.


The past years have shown that you can’t believe much that’s reported in the media, and this entire subject is no exception. It’s all very confusing.

Komal Patel

I’ve lost hope in mainstream media for a long time. Unfortunately a single source of truth no longer exists. All you can do is take what you want and leave what you don’t and make your own informed decision on vaccinations.


I agree with you

thank’s for sharing

Amy Braun

That is why I am turning off the TV now. I am enjoying life with the news out there. Too many theories out there.

Bethan TaylorSwaine

I appreciate that we are living through scary times and that uncertainty breeds mistrust, but I think it’s very dangerous to perpetuate ideas that aren’t based in rigorous scientific evidence, rely on quotes taken out of context and to promote the work of widely discredited thinkers.

Louise Smith

We’ve been trying not to watch any news or read any online news articles recently as we just don’t know what the hell to believe anymore 🙁

Louise x

Di MadWriter

It’s crazy times. It’s hard to know who is lying and who is telling the truth. I wish that someone can really verify all the info so we can all finally move on.


very interesting! These are crazy times now. I try to limit my own information of the situation, frankly

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