The Tale Of The Twain Vision

The Tale Of The Twain Vision

The Tale Of The Twain Vision

Written by Viano Dee

This is the tale of a twain vision
A twain vision so unclear
But it is solely your decision
To crack the codes that appear

Once upon a time, a vision was told. It was the one with twain numbers. This vision offered many promises that seemed bright and fair only to shock mankind with gloom and despair. It seemed clear at first but then it began to show some blurry lines.

Why are those lines there?” Some asked. “Aren’t they supposed to be clear as well?” They persisted.  But these people were fiercely fought by keypad warriors and vocal gladiators who thought it unwise to question those lines.

Somehow, the smell of a rat — actually, two or more– filled the air. The stink was unbearable and some people began to complain. Not only did they complain but they did so with proof because they found traces of rat poop everywhere. They made their findings known to both the landlord and tenants. (The tenants consisted of people from all walks of life).

But the landlord called them rumour mongers and some tenants sided with him. He said there were no rats because the cats had eaten them all up — therefore they were extinct — they didn’t exist. Many tenants believed that the landlord was to be trusted no matter what and so they held on to his every word.

Meanwhile, those who had doubts and voiced them out were either kicked out or locked indoors. Then the landlords emphasized the need for all to get contact lenses because of the rate at which many had gone blind as a result of the blurry lines in such a short period of time. They said the opticians were already working on it. However, creating the contact lenses was going to take time as this type would be able to eradicate blindness.

But guess what? It turns out that some of the opticians realized that glasses were a better option. The glasses had no direct contact with the eyes and they helped many patients with eye problems see clearly. Unfortunately, they were tagged liars and their licenses seized not only that, but glasses were banned.

As this was going on, the economy was crashing. Many small businesses were laid to rest, big companies really downsized while large companies thrived. There was an explosion and there were wars — wars of colours, tribes, gender, and religion but while all these were happening, the landlord was getting the spoils and the tenants were suffering.

This is the tale of the twain vision– quite different from the one foreseen– and so far, it is not a good tale. Will it ever get better? Perhaps, time will tell.

Share your thoughts.

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The Tale Of The Twain Vision
The Tale Of The Twain Vision
The Tale Of The Twain Vision
The Tale Of The Twain Vision

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Viano Dee

Non-niche blogger. Poet. Songwriter. A hardcore romantic. Her write-ups could take any form: poetry, articles, and even songs in ways that'll inspire you, resonate with you, or tell a story while keeping you both informed and entertained.

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Emily Terrell

I am quite impressed by your tale. And happy to see someone willing to speak about it in a covert manner. My prayers are that the landlord doesn’t ruin what was once so great a home, and that the vision clears for everyone.

Reply to  Emily Terrell

Thank you so much, Emily. I am so glad you were able to get it.

Chei Pangan

This book looks a great story. I would love to read the whole story of this tale. Thanks for sharing.

Reply to  Chei Pangan

Thanks for reading, Chei. But it’s not a book— it’s a parable.

Kristine Nicole Alessandra

This was an interesting read. I could relate it somehow to the current situation we are in. And yes, I can only hope things get better.


You are absolutely correct, Kristine. We can only hope things get better.

Bright snow Loveland

Very great article. Would love to read this book. Thanks for sharing


Thanks, Bright. Unfortunately, it’s not a book but a parable. If you look closely, you’ll get the point.


This was quite interesting. Beyond the content itself, I was curious to read this writer’s interpretation of the world and events.

Reply to  Nkem

Thanks so much, Nkem. I wanted to include the interpretation but then I woefully assumed people were actually going to get it. Now, here I am wishing I did. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️


Mmm, landlords… unfortunately, only few can be trusted. I’m not even 24 and I’ve already lived in over 50 houses in my lifetime and have dealt with many bad landlords who blatantly lie and/or refuse to deal with problems because they don’t want to spend money. Tsk tsk.

Reply to  Indy

I’m sorry about your experience, Indy. Some landlords are the worst. However, the landlord in this case represents the Elites. The story is actually a parable.


oh wow!!! I am so fortunate I have an amazing landlord, he is so nice and we became real friends.

Reply to  Mosaicslab

Good for you, Mosaicslab. But this tale isn’t really about landlords. The word ‘landlord’ is used to represent the Elites. If you take a second look, you may actually crack the codes.

Di MadWriter

Our landlord is crazy.He wants more and more money.


I am thankful for not having a landlord but your seams totally crazy!

Melanie williams

We are fortunate where we do not have a landlord, but I have heard so many horror stories it is disgusting x


Condition of the current economy all over the world and this tale is somehow real….

Reply to  Monidipa

You actually get it, Monidipa. This is the reality. Vision2020 is nothing like they said it would be.

Di Hickman

Have you read Brandon Sanderson books? His series are much like this, and very reminiscent of the current Worldwide events. It’s been quite startling to see the comparisons

Reply to  Di Hickman

Really? I have never even heard of him. This was initially meant to be a poem but somehow, it turned into this. I should look him up.


I love the ending sentence! It gives hope that maybe, the state we are in can change. Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful piece!

Melanie williams

Ooo what a good read, I need to look into him and read more of his stuff for sure. thanks for sharing x

Iris Findlay

Wow, what an interesting post. I do hope that it gets better!


Great read! Yes hopeful for the future is one thing we all should embrace


An interesting story to read. Thanks for sharing

Stephanie Pick

Powerful words that need to be read carefully and understood on a deeper level. Thank you for this post.

Reply to  Stephanie Pick

What a powerful story!!! Thank you for sharing and inspiring us to think about This.


Interesting this is one of those stories you would probably never hear about on the news. Thanks for sharing.


Beautiful ! Always love reading your work !

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