The Exodus

The Exodus

The Exodus

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The Exodus: Spoken Word

Listen. Listen to me— let me explain.

You see, I have been traveling a long

while; searching for a treasure that I

could call mine. I have dug so hard, so deep, dug

so close— only to discover other people’s

gold mines.

Look. Look at my feet, they are sore,

my hands— wrinkled; the tears these eyes

have bore cannot be quantified. A cup or

two; maybe a pond— call it an ocean if you will— I don’t know.

In this journey, I have travailed. For two years, almost

three, I laboured. I was this close to claiming

mine but April came with a storm that caused

my loss. May’s gift to me was a deep cut. June?

June wasn’t so friendly at first but when we grew closer, she told me:

“Young lady, you have strayed too long in the wrong places,

you have toiled too hard in mines that aren’t yours— Stop! Rest. Fade. Find

yourself. You are the treasure you seek.”

I listened. I rested. I faded. To find,


Written and Performed by That African Lady. Watch video here

About The Exodus

The Exodus is a spoken word poetry that talks about the pain and struggles attached to finding the one. We think our happiness exists outside of ourselves so we search so desperately and end up getting disappointed. Somehow in the end, we realize we haven’t loved ourselves enough— not to talk of loving someone else. We need to learn to love us but in order to do so, we need to find us.

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Beautiful and deep.  I love this. 


Thanks so much Kelz.


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This is so real, so captivating.  I like the message. We need to discover who we are. Beautiful. 

Reply to  Blessing

Thanks so much Blessing. Glad you enjoyed it.


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