The Black Tale

The Black Tale

The Black Tale

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I am more than just a colour
More than just a tone
I am a soul that lives within
Why can’t you simply understand


They tell me “put your hands out–
Put them up where we can see them”
I’m tryna explain but then they say I’m resisting
They grab me and force me,
push me down, they shove me
They place my hands at the back
Defeat me like a dead meat

You know the hatred’s so strong
You can feel it in their lungs
The hostility, venomous
But you gotta stay calm
Cause anything could go wrong
And it could be your last breath
The fact is your blackness seems to be a great threat

You’re the suspect
They pull you over cause
You look like the description from Karen’s frantic call
And it’s not even because you did anything wrong
It’s just that she was frightened by the colour of your skin

You can’t say shit as it’s against the law
The human privileges don’t apply to you at all
You’re a victim for being black, a colour that is being banned, a skin tone that seems best to be unknown

So whatcha gonna do
If not to play cool
You’ve got a family that you want to return to
Unfortunately, it is not a guarantee at all
You could still be shot dead, so then what are the odds?

Bridge (Siren and heartbeat):

You’re breathing rapidly
Your hands are up, they’re shaking
Your mind is blown, it’s racing
You know you’ve heard the stories

You’re nervous, fear’s producing
Your sweat drops drip profusely
Your memories start flashing
That’s for being black in a white land.


You stay home, on your own and they could still pull the trigger
You go out to a store, and they can still pull the trigger
You’re jogging, in a white street, and they could still pull the trigger
You’re pissed off, you express it, and boy they’re pulling the trigger

You stay calm, you’re not rough but they could still pull the trigger
You act tough, you’re not wrong and they could still pull the trigger
You stand still with your hands up and they might still pull the trigger
You lie flat, well it turns out, that they could still pull the trigger


Just when all has been said and done
The police who unleash this will still be free to roam
The white privileges protect the racists, they make more excuses, they’re busy still abusing

But they will never know what it means to be black in a white land
You wake up each morning hoping it won’t be your last
Because trouble awaits you at every nook and cranny
One wrong move could land you in tomorrow’s death news

And when it finally happens, you will long be gone
As others raise their voices but will still go ignored
If the white allies refuse to lend us their voices
Cause our skin tone alone is resistant to justice

It’s just us. It’s just what it is.

Written and Performed: Viano Dee
Instrumental: Bittersweet by SYBS
Mixed/Mastered: Semshak

About The Black Tale

The Black Tale is a rap infused spoken word that talks about the challenges of being black in a white land. So much has happened in the past week and it has become very obvious just how scary it to just be any other colour other than white. It’s much more worse when that colour is black.

The stories are endless, the injustice is alarming. Many times black people are being framed for crimes they didn’t commit mainly because of the colour of their skin. An example is the Central Park five case. The teenage boys served time for a crime they didn’t commit.

Many have been maltreated and even killed simply because of the colour of their skins. George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland… the list goes on.

A more recent example is Amy Cooper’s attempt to frame a black man because he told her to put a leash on her dog. Had he not been recording the whole time, the story would have been entirely different. Perhaps, it might have ended just like Emmett Till. 65 years after his death justice is yet to be served– just like it is so in several cases.

It seems that the black skin is resistant to justice as the system hardly notices until a white man speaks up.

The ongoing situation served as an inspiration for this piece.

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The Black Tale
The Black Tale

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Viano Dee

Non-niche blogger. Poet. Songwriter. A hardcore romantic. Her write-ups could take any form: poetry, articles, and even songs in ways that'll inspire you, resonate with you, or tell a story while keeping you both informed and entertained.

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Charlotte Petit Noble

I love it. Your words resonate in my body. It vibrates and really make me think of the thing I can do to support and amplify Black voices.


Glad you love it. Thanks for stopping by.


Sadly, the events of the last week have traumatized many and left us wondering why. I’m more disgusted with people who treat the snuffing out of a life like it’s no big deal. My question to them is: Why tolerate what you would never wish on your own family or friends? 💔💔

Reply to  ElizOF



This was so powerful to listen. Its sad what some of the people have to go through even in the 21st century. We have to do better by them and by all of us if we want things to change.

Reply to  Marta

It’s so sad. We really have to so better.


The human beings need to have rethinking on what they do to one another.

Reply to  Cyril

Rightly so.

Reply to  Viano Dee

True that!

Kathleen Wonders

So powerful…I feel so disheartened and angry that these things happened are continuing to happen. Thanks for sharing your perspective on this. We all need to open our eyes to this unjust truth and start acting on how to make things right.


So true.

Morgan Baby Got Balance

Very powerful words, even more so given the current events. Black voices need to be heard in every context, every venue and every medium…. and this was absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing!


Thank you for listening. Truly appreciate.


Strong powerful words. I also learned recently of the black girl that was just sitting in a park and some white Karen called the cops. For sitting in a park! The black girl thankfully had it all on camera… but what the heck???

Reply to  Simi

Can you imagine? The cops can be called for any and every reason. It’s disheartening.


An eye opener tale. I hope racism will just be gone, but I guess we will be in a perfect world, when that happens, no matter who you are, everyone matters, every lives matters. Even animals. I just hope there will be equality that everyone deserves.

Reply to  Laurence

I hope so too. Thanks you so much.

blair villanueva

I wonder why people can easily accepts and sing with all their voice out loud many awesome music of Black artists, but having hard time of accepting them as human beings. How unbelievable sometimes people are. Nonetheless, it all comes start at home. In our house, we don’t tolerate any kind of indifferences. As adults, we need to set an examples to the children.



Bethan Taylor Swaine

These are very powerful words for a very bleak time. I really hope that this becomes a time of education and we can all start to undo the systemic racism that is holding our society back.


I hope so too.

Kristine Nicole Alessandra

It is just sad that there is still racism in this fast paced world. If we could only learn to love the uniqueness of each and every individual, then the world would be a better place for our children’s children to inherit.


It’s really sad.

Hayley Kolb

I am from Minneapolis so this hits home. You are very talented.

Reply to  Hayley Kolb

Thank you so much, Hayley.


Very nice work! Here in our country, I feel that we are on our own, so sad and disappointing

Reply to  solrazo.com

Thank you so much. Glad you like it. And yes, what is happening is really disappointing.

Lori Bosworth

Your lyrics create such an impact during this tumultuous time. I hope George Floyd’s death is the impetus for radical change in race relations.

Reply to  Lori Bosworth

Thank you so much, Lori. I truly appreciate.

Trisha Mishra

Impactful words for a time that needs it! Thanks for sharing

Reply to  Trisha Mishra

Thank you so much, Trisha.


This speaks volumes. I particularly like the flow and effect midway. Also the last two lines hit hard.

“If the white allies refuse to lend us their voices

Cause our skin tone alone is resistant to justice”. Damn!

Reply to  Jay

Thanks a million Jay. And yes, those lines hit me too.


I appreciate you taking the time to reflect on the issues that are keeping so many of us awake. My prayer is that we can all come together to defeat the enemy of racism, hatred and ignorance.

Monidipa Dutta

All will be well if everyone stands together and for eachother in the time crisis. As per the song is concerned, I love the tune..

Reply to  Monidipa Dutta

Thanks a lot, Monidipa. Glad you like it.

Fatima Marie

I like the message of the song. Thanks for sharing. Hoping that everything goes well…

Reply to  Fatima Marie

Thank you for listening, Fatima.

The Caribbean Millennial

Thank you for sharing this piece! It definitely speaks to the experience of black people over the course of our history…


Thank you so much for listening.

Reply to  Viano Dee

It’s a shame.


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