The Best RV Battery Monitors (Top 3)

The Best RV Battery Monitors (Top 3)

The Best RV Battery Monitors (Top 3)

As an RV user, you are aware that the electrical appliances in your RV rely on the battery to work. Hence, it is essential that your RV batteries are fully charged.

However, there are times you forget to charge your batteries just as there are times your batteries will get drained without your notice. This can result in the costliest replacements. 

For this reason, you need a battery monitor. A battery monitor is a system that helps you to keep an eye on your batteries so you can use them whenever you need them.

This article covers the top three best RV battery monitors that are available online and are currently available for purchase. 

Best Battery Monitors Reviewed

Bunker Indust’s Battery Monitor

This is the first one on our list. This RV battery monitor is one of the best battery monitors that help extend the life of deep cycle batteries and provides an outstanding performance.

The best part of this battery monitor is that it takes only a couple of minutes to install it. Yes. It does not require cutting the holes and running the wires in your RV. So you don’t need to worry, the installation process is hassle-free. 

Bunker’s Indust’s battery monitor also comes with an inbuilt Bluetooth feature that helps to monitor your battery straight from your phone. It sends a notification to the user whenever there is a failure in the battery.

This battery monitor provides you precise and accurate readings. If you have an iPhone, you can install an app to monitor your battery from your mobile. All you need to do is scan a QR code that is printed on the black box. That’s all.

Another cool thing about this battery monitor is that it offers you a history feature. It allows you to see how many times your heater cycled during the nighttime, how many hours the fridge is in electrical mode etc.

The monitor also records everything that consumes or wastes your battery capacity which would be helpful for you in the troubleshooting process. In addition, you can check your monthly consumption.

Bunker Indust's Battery Monitor
Bunker Indust’s Battery Monitor

A noteworthy fact is that the materials used to build it are highly resistant to heat and temperature plus they are fireproof. All these features will prevent it from damage. You can be sure of safety protection against short circuits and incorrect polarity connections. 

The only thing one may consider as a disadvantage of Bunker Indust’s battery monitor is that the battery life will be shown in percentage. But it is not a big deal as many users consider it an insignificant issue.


  • It gives you accurate voltage, cranking power, and charge details. 
  • Hassle-free installation without making holes in your RV.
  • It comes with a built-in Bluetooth feature. 
  • The materials used in this battery monitor are resistant to high heat and temperatures. 
  • It comes with a history feature that helps you to check your consumption. 


  • Battery life will show in percentage. 

MICTUNING Digital Energy Meter

When your batteries need an extra charge, you need to get a multimeter that calculates how much power it consumes and the power rating of your battery. That’s where the MICTUNING Digital Energy Meter comes in.

The best and most significant part of this energy meter is that it comes with a neat and clean wiring diagram at the backside which makes your installation super easy without any further help.

Also, you can mount this digital energy meter at your eye level as it comes with a blue backlight that helps you see the readings in it. 

One other positive aspect of this energy meter is that the Digital Energy Meter comes with a 100A shunt in the package that can be used for a wide gauging range. All you need to do is flip the wires at the shunt to the monitor so you can monitor the charging and discharging current on your battery. 

MICTUNING DC 6.5-100V 0-100A LCD Digital Display
MICTUNING Energy Meter

The meter provides you accurate and precise readings. It also comes with a large LCD screen that helps you read the readings like the voltage, current, and power.

Another cool feature of this battery monitor is that it comes with an alarm feature that helps you get notified whenever your voltage goes beyond the threshold.

You can set flashing of the backlight to get notified whenever your battery exceeds the target. This function is very significant to prevent the damage of batteries. Also, the data is stored automatically irrespective of unexpected power cuts.

You can reset this at any time. When compared to many battery monitors, the design is compact and lightweight. 

The only disadvantage of this battery monitor is that you need to press the function button with a pointed tool as the button is recessed. 


  • Four in one, multi-functioning digital energy meter.
  • Amazing alarm feature.
  • Great LCD to read the values.
  • It stores the data automatically when powered off.
  • Lightweight and compact battery monitor.


  • It would help if you used a sharp or pointed tool to press the function button as it is recessed. 

DROK Display Digital Meter

DROK Display Digital Meter tells you what is exactly happening in your battery (it works with almost all the batteries) and allows you to monitor your battery bank’s charging status, discharging status.

This monitor will spare you from a nightmarish power black-out during an RV camping trip.

The screen comes with a blue backlight that helps you read the values on the digital meter even when it is in bright conditions. The most important feature of this meter is that it does not consume power from the loop. You can manually power cycle it. 

DROK Display Digital Multi-meter
DROK Display Digital Multi-meter

An exciting feature of this digital meter is that it offers a bi-directional current. This means that this digital meter can monitor both charge and discharge at the same time.

It also measures the percentage of the battery and the remaining capacity of the battery. It also monitors the positive and negative DC power. An added advantage: it takes two or three-wire connection systems which makes it easy to maintain. 

In addition, DROK display digital meter comes with an alarm function. It also flashes the light whenever the battery capacity exceeds. You also do not need to worry about your data because it will store the date whenever it is off.

However, the only drawback of the meter is that it comes with a shorter cable than expected. Using a long shielded cable is advised. 


  • Accurate readings and measurements.
  • Precise Bi-directional current to monitor charging and discharging at the same time.
  • Alarm feature.
  • Detailed information and indications.
  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to program.
  • It can be used for all types of batteries. 


  • The cable is shorter. So it would help if you used a long shielded cable.

How to Choose the Best Battery Monitor for RV?

Before buying or choosing a battery monitor for your RV, you need to consider the following things:

Current range

Checking the current output is important as it ensures that the given battery can set up all the appliances without running out of power. Gladly most of the battery monitors allow you to check the output of your batteries.

The entry-level battery monitors will only read 0 to 100 amps. But higher-level battery monitors will read up to 500 amps. 

Voltage range

Even if your RV batteries offer you a high current output, they might not be compatible with all electronic devices. For this reason, you should check the voltage of the batteries.

Some of the most common battery voltage ranges include from 6.5 to 70 volts, 6.5 to 100 volts, 10 to 120 volts, and sometimes even 0 to 200 volts. 


Not all battery monitors come with the same display size and same backlight color so choosing one that comes with a great display is a better option. 

Bluetooth connectivity

For checking the readings of the battery, the easy and the most comfortable way is to use the display but many find this difficult to use. To tackle this issue, some battery monitors now come with inbuilt Bluetooth features. And this allows you to check your battery readings straight from your phone. 


The price of the battery monitor is also an essential feature in choosing the best battery monitor for your RV. Here you have many options. If you want a battery monitor that comes with many features, then you need to spend more. But if you want a battery monitor that comes at a lower price, then you need to be limited with the features. 

Ease of usage and installation

No one wants a complicated installation process. You need to choose a battery monitor that is easy to use and easy to install. That’s why these three RV monitors come highly recommended.

Temperature sensors

Temperature is the key factor that affects the condition and performance of your batteries. If your battery monitor comes with temperature sensors, you can keep an eye on undercharging and lower charging, increasing and decreasing the battery’s temperature. For your convenience, some of the battery monitors will allow you to read the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. 

History of data

This essential feature needs to be checked while choosing the best battery monitor for your RV. With this feature, it is easy to make decisions using the data stored in the battery monitor. The battery monitor will store the electrical power data, total discharges, and the number of charging cycles. 

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No one wants a battery monitor that comes with less warranty. Sometimes if your battery monitor fails to work, the warranty will make the job easy for you as there is no need to spend money on the malfunctioned part which is why a warranty is a great option.

Most of the battery monitors come with one year or three years or five years warranty. Choose a battery monitor that comes with the highest warranty period. 


There you have it! These are the Best RV Battery Monitors (Top 3) available online. If you want to prevent any miscalculations or if you want to take note of the charges and discharges, then a battery monitor will do the work for you.

Whether you are a pro RVer or a newbie, it is always advised to use a battery monitor in your RV to prevent any dangers and enjoy a safer vacation.

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Top Three BEST RV Battery Monitors
The Best RV Battery Monitors (Top 3)
Top Three BEST RV Battery Monitors
The Best RV Battery Monitors (Top 3)

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It’s nice to come across articles such as this one. As a woman, I am really not well-versed on technical, mechanical, or electrical stuff. I see these things as part of a man’s world. But we do need to learn about these things as women, most especially that I am single and have to do most things by myself.

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This is very detailed! Thank you for taking the time to fully educate us in this post.


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Cristina Petrini
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Very helpful – especially for RV owners. Would love to do a trip around Australia in an RV one day when I return, so thanks for the info.

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I love how detailed your review is. Sometimes, we take things for granted because we deem them unimportant but if we look at them closely, such as these RV battery monitors, we realize that they are essential.


That’s a very detailed and informative post about Rv batteries. I had no clue about it.

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This is a great list of reviews, thanks! I’m going to share it with my parents, they are avid RV travelers.

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