The Appointed Time: Spoken Word

The Appointed Time: Spoken Word

The Appointed Time: Spoken Word

The Appointed Time: Spoken Word

It is said that the sun and moon serve as signs to mark

seasons and days and years,
and yes, to also serve as light
both day and night.

So it has been written, so it has been.
Days turned into weeks,

weeks turned into months,

months into years,

years into decades,

and the appointed time approached—
the season had come.

It was the day He met with me and I with Him.

Before then, I was drowning in the sea of doubt and sin.

Fear had had it’s grip on me.

Shame had been my faithful companion.

Guilt always reminded me of my sins.

I wondered if I would be saved by any means.

My fate was sealed, my pains unhealed and hell unleashed.

Judgment had come forth to take me into condemnation.

Like a damned sinner, there was no room for any supplication.

I wept and followed helplessly and hopelessly as

Fear, Shame and Guilt mercilessly made fun of me.

All of a sudden, judgement halted because

Mercy had interrupted — she had not come alone — she came with Grace and Courage.

It was Courage who drove fear, shame and guilt away from me.

Grace lifted up my face to the heavens so I could see His Majesty.

His Majesty was filled with wrath had not Compassion come through,

She had touched the heart of God and anger was subdued.

Mercy made a signal to Love
and Love shone through the eyes of God.

Because of Compassion and Love, I was
lifted up by Grace, Mercy and Courage
and as a result, Judgement was dismissed.

Though Judgement was not wrong — I was,
but Compassion had pleaded my case before God. Love had

made God see that Christ had been interceding and His blood was not to be in vain. So that was it; the time

had come for Him to change my name— and my name He changed indeed.

My clothes which had been ragged and stained were
changed pure white and sparkling, for the blood of Christ had washed me clean.

I was given a helmet called Salvation, and there came an instruction saying:
“You must work it out with fear and trembling.”

Then a breastplate called Righteousness and a belt called Truth were given me and I was instructed:
“Never let these depart from you.”

A shield was handed over to me and it was called Faith and I was told:
“If you lose this, you can never please me.”

Also a sword was given me and it was called the Word of God, and He said:

“Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God— this is life and by it you shall live.”

I was given a pair of shoes called Gospel shoes, and He said to me:

“How beautiful are the feet that carry the Gospel.”

Then a new song was placed on my lips; it was titled Hallelujah — it was accompanied by Praise the Lord!

Mercy and Grace were asked to watch over me.
Courage was asked to guard and embolden me.

Faithfulness was told to make me faithful;
Kindness to make me kind.
Trust was instructed to lead me; obedience was his companion.

Joy joyfully entered my heart; Love locked her in and took the keys.
Peace found her place within me; Goodness followed me.

Self-control was instructed to keep me disciplined.
Patience patiently waited till we were all done so that Gentleness could gently lead us home.
And there I was standing in the presence of the only Living God.

He said to me:
“Today, you have become my daughter and now you sit with me in the heavenlies. You have the right to boldly come before my throne.”

And so I bowed with gratitude before His Majesty — the Almighty — for he is God alone.

Indeed my sins had been atoned for; the
appointed time

had come.

Written and Performed by Viano Dee
Instrumental: End of time by Ugonna Onyekwe (Royalty free beat).

About The Appointed Time

The poetry is a Christian one which showcases what salvation is like. It reveals how merciful God is and how he doesn’t judge us according to our iniquities. We deserve judgement but love and mercy interceded through Christ Jesus.

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Viano Dee

Non-niche blogger. Poet. Songwriter. A hardcore romantic. Her write-ups could take any form: poetry, articles, and even songs in ways that'll inspire you, resonate with you, or tell a story while keeping you both informed and entertained.

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Nice one… 

Reply to  Matt

Thanks Matt.


The poetry is lovely. The audio, however, seemed it’s been created through the Text to speech app. If it is so, I’d suggest you yourself read the poem and record it. I’d like to listen to the poet reading his own poem. Just a suggestion.


Thanks Pia. It’s not text to speech app. I think it’s because I wasn’t loud enough. Thanks for listening.


I meant poem and not poetry in the first sentence 


Truly if our life on earth are track accordingly by God then we will all be doomed…thank God for his mercy endure… 

Elena Toma

This is  my first time reading a Christian poem. It has been lovely, beautiful words !

Lauren Jones

Yes!!  This was amazing!! I’m a believer and enjoyed this!! Thanks for sharing!!


Interesting to read more about Christian poems! 

David Elliott

Beautiful poetry here.  Definitely a reminder of a grace we have been given and how beautiful a gift it is, removing shame and fear and doubt.


I enjoy how you use personification in this poetry especially this part(Fear, Shame and Guilt mercilessly made fun of me..All of a sudden, judgement halted becauseMercy had interrupted — she had not come alone — she came with Grace and Courage.It was Courage who drove fear, shame and guilt away from me.Grace lifted up my face to the heavens so I could see His Majesty)❤


This is very beautifully written!

Mama Writes Reviews

Oh how beautiful! Well done. Grace is greater than all our sin! 

Fashion and Style Police

This is so beautiful. Love how you wrote the post. I also like the message behind it. 


Living our life having been given grace is the best gift of all!


 This is a masterpiece that shows God’s love and mercy; not forgetting having a deep meaning. May God continue to bless your talents and  increase them

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