Suicide Is Not an Option!

Suicide Is Not an Option!


Suicide is not an option!

Life, as they say, is full of ups and downs. Sometimes, things get so tough– it feels like you’re alone and you just want to give up. You question why. You have no clue as to what to do. You want everything to come to a halt because you’ve lost the will to keep moving; to keep fighting.

You’ve cried many tears, you’re scared and you’re tired. Then you listen to the loudest voice in your head telling you that you don’t have to continue this way. It tells you to end it.

Let me tell you this now. Suicide is NOT an option! Here are reasons why:

Suicide is NOT an option

Whatever you are going through is just a phase

Understand that your present situation has not been designed to last long. It has just come along your way to teach you. It has come to make you make you tougher.

Relax! It’s just a phase. It will pass.

Life is not a bed of roses and even if it were, remember that roses have thorns. You can only have access to roses when you’ve been able to handle the thorns. The lesson is this: good things come as a result of the obstacles we’ve been able to overcome.

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Taking your life isn’t worth it

Taking your life will not make the earth to stand still neither will it solve the problem you are running away from. Yes, you’ll die. Yes, your loved ones will cry. Yes, they’ll miss you but only for a while. Soon the pain will fade and they’ll move on. Your death won’t change a thing.

You think that bully will change if you take your life? Nope, he’ll be satisfied you did. And even if he does change, there will still be thousands of bullies out there. Your death will not make the boy or girl that jilted you to remain single; they’ll move on and enjoy the time of their lives.

Guilt and shame aren’t reasons to end your life. Whatever it is that you are so ashamed of has happened before. In fact, your situation is a child’s play compared to what others have experienced. Agreed, people may say all sorts of things against you, they may hate you and cut you off completely— no worries. As long as you have life, you can always ammend your ways and start over.

At the end of the day, whatever that problem is, there’s someone who has been through worse and they’ve survived. Let that sink!

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You do not own yourself

Whether you accept it or not, you were created by God. And He that gave you life did not give you so you could take it. He gave you life for a purpose — and killing yourself is definitely not it. So whatever you decide to do, know that you’ll have to answer to Him eventually.

There’s more to you than you can ever imagine

There’s more to you than you can ever imagine
The you that you know now will not be the you that you’d become in the future. The you in the future will be smarter and wiser.
The you in the future will look back at this moment and be grateful for life, for every pain that moulded you to become the new you.
The point is this: whatever you are going through now is only preparing you for the future. Your experience may be the reason why someone else would be encouraged.
So, instead of listening to the loud voice that is telling you to kill yourself, why not mute it? Listen to the fighter in you that wants to conquer — that wants to overcome. Speak up. Brace yourself. Hold on. Face those fears. Learn those lessons. Move on. Keep moving. Don’t stop. One day, you’ll look back and understand why.

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Suicide Is NOT an Option!
Suicide Is not an Option

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I don't believe in suicide! I mean I do not actually believe there is something that could make a man kill himself or a woman take her own life. Before you find yourself in a problem or in that deadened issues of concern, there must have been a solution somewhere and I feel our problem most times is direction and what to do. No matter how hard and difficult life present itself to anyone, this same life never stopped showing us things that can give hope to the living.
life is very interesting, I am not a coward and would never run away from any difficulty in life. I'll submit with this, suicide is a sin: taking life you cannot create, thereby telliñg God He made a mistake to have created you. If you give your life, your soul, your heart and the building of it to Jesus Christ, He will build it the way you never can.


Cutting off head is not the solution to headaches. Suicide is not the answer. Life is sweet, let's enjoy it.


I think suicide has to do with psychosis

Chuma Hilary

From a factual perspective… I am not saying suicide is an option. But, Life could be hell must times…. Society could turn you down, circumstances could cage you, relationships may leave you broken to pieces, financial problems could mess you up… The world is not funny most times…. I have a male friend who disclosed to me how humiliated he felt after his male teacher anally rapped him… He further explained how life no longer made sense to him anymore… The best we can to is to listen to people,love people the more ,cheer them up, life could be pretty complicated and inhumane.. The owner of the shoes knows were it really hurts…. Anyway Suicide should stray far away from an option…

Liz Bayardelle

Definitely a well-timed post given what’s going on in the news this past week.  Great thoughts that I hope bring solace to those who need it.

Kristine Nicole Alessandra

Thank you for writing about a very relevant and important topic. As a parent, I am always looking out for signs of anxiety and depression in my kids and our line of communication is always open and honest. I agree that suicide is not an option, and it will never be the solution. 

Van Tay

I’m not religious but I pray and I believe God or the Universe wouldn’t place a mountain in front of me that I cannot overcome. I have to have faith that I can cross this mountain. 

Wren Marie

This is such an important topic. This is something I have struggled with in my past and I have lost friends to it. Its important to make it through and find that thing that carries you through. 


It’s never too late to learn sociology, it’s essential to read sociology and digest it. This topic is most important to motivate.

Khushboo W

That is such a important  topic. Suicide  is not the option for our problems we should fight it out. 


Totally agree with you! Suicide is never an option. I just feel so bad for people who thinks that this is the only way they have. Problems and trials are just part of life and yes, everything is just a phase. No matter how painful or hard it is — life goes on. 

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