Stop Stressing Out!

Stop Stressing Out!

Stop Stressing Out!

It is very easy to worry especially when it concerns something that is important to you and it seems you are running out of time. I know because I’ve been there– we all have been there at some point in time. When it comes to worrying, I think I’m a pro. I’m amazed by my worrying capability.

Most people worry about things mostly related to their present state but not me. I have a way of worrying about things that haven’t even happened and probably may never even happen. Not just that, I can feel variations of intense emotions as though what I’m worried about is in the present. Sounds crazy, right? You’re probably thinking I’m paranoid but I’m not. I’m just an expert worrier. Let me share with you how excellent I am in this field.

When I was 5, I was worried about marriage. You’re thinking: “Damn girl, why? I don’t know maybe because of how I saw my parents fight. I was worried that l would find someone who I would think would be the one and would turn out not to be the one.

When I was 9, I worried about the university final year project. Technically speaking I was bothered about something I’d do thirteen years later. This happened when I stumbled on a copy of my mum’s.

While I was in my first year in secondary school, I was worrying about the senior examination. Na wa for me o. As I grew older, I had more things to worry about: adulthood and what to do for a living, I was bothered about raising kids even when I wasn’t married or in a relationship…I could go on and on. But let me tell you what I have discovered about worrying: it doesn’t change shit! Now let that sink.

We need to understand that the only moment that is truly ours is the present. There’s nothing we can do about the past but learn from it neither can we do anything about the future but accept it when it comes. However, the present is the only place we are allowed to be in and that’s why we take one step at a time.

This reminds me of what Jesus said: “Don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” And this saying is true. I worried so much about many things (the future mostly) but eventually when the future became the present, I overcame and those things weren’t as terrible or fearful as I thought they’d be.

So as a professional worrier with many years of expertise in this field, I can authoritatively tell you to stop stressing out. You can make plans, you can profer solutions to problems, you can hope and believe but stop stressing out!

Are you a worrier? How does it make you feel? How have you dealt with it? Share your thoughts.

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Stop Stressing Out
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