SixSeed R Jones: Tupac’s Soundalike

SixSeed R Jones: Tupac’s Soundalike

SixSeed R Jones: Tupac’s Soundalike

Okay! I know I’ve gotten your attention. Some of you are probably wondering: “Oh my goodness, Viano, you listen to hip hop too? I listen to every genre of music as long as it has a positive message. Oh, aside from metal rock actually. That being said, let’s get back to the gist.

If you haven’t heard of SixSeed R Jones, I truly understand why. He’s not so popular, I mean he’s got (as at the time of writing) just 101 YouTube subscribers. But this guy is really good— a true hip hop artist. If you’re into rap and a fan of Tupac, you’ll resonate with his songs.

Not only that, the guy does sound so much like Tupac in every aspect— voice, lyrics, positivity, style and flow. If you heard his songs without knowing who it was, you’d definitely think it was Tupac. I don’t know him in person but I wouldn’t be surprised if he even resembles him. Lol.

I know Tupac is late and I’m not sure if he had any protégé but I strongly believe that if he were still alive, SixSeed R Jones would have been that person.

So if you’re into hip hop and/or Tupac, you may want to check him out and probably subscribe and of course thank me 😁. Also do me a favour, if you do subscribe and comment on his YouTube channel, let him know that Viano Dee directed you there.

P.S: This is not even a paid promotion. He doesn’t know me from Adam. I just stumbled on his channel for the first time in my whole existence a few moments ago and thought I should share. I believe he deserves a wider recognition. Subscribe to his channel if you think so too.

Channel link: Click here

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SixSeed R Jones
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