Rise Up ft Aakash Gandhi

Rise Up ft Aakash Gandhi

Rise Up ft Aakash Gandhi

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Rise up ft Aakash Gandhi

We all pass through pain, we all bleed differently
I know sometimes
Life can be hard
Leaving you so unsure

I know sometimes
You feel like throwing in the towel
But giving up shouldn’t be an option

Verse 1:
Yo, I don’t know your story but I can guess that I can relate

I’ve been through rough times and I know with this you can resonate

I know what it means to have to go through certain circumstances

Through the pain, through the fears and yet still take the chances

I know how it feels to have your back stuck up against the wall

I know how hard it is to rise up after a mighty fall

Through it all, still I rise, look at me I’m standing tall

Dry your tears, face your fears, starting now please don’t give up

No matter how hard life hits
You owe it to yourself to be strong
No circumstance, no situation
Should be worth killing yourself for

Verse 2:
So… drop that gun, dump those pills, put away negative thoughts

Understand that it’s a phase, you must go through certain roughs

To be great, to be made, to experience, to succeed

To be heard, to be seen, to be felt you must proceed

Through it all, stand up tall, raise your head above the waters

Be refined, redefine all those dreams and past failures

Be persistent, push forward, keep moving and don’t give up

Stand your ground, face your fears, make sure they don’t hinder you

Have some faith, find your strength, know that you will overcome

The pain you dread and you feel is only meant to strengthen you

It won’t be long before you know everything it’s teaching you

You’ll be tough and be bold to take up other challenges

And when it’s done, you’ll look back and realize how far you’ve come (2x)

Listen every success story
has a foundation of faith, pain, frustration and regrets
Pain is momentary — just temporary
Don’t dwell too long in your broken state

Rise Up (4x)

Let’s give the haters something to talk about
Let’s give the haters something to talk about
Let’s give the haters something to talk about
Let’s give the haters something to talk about
Let’s give the haters something to talk about (hey)
Let’s give the haters something to talk about (hey)
Let’s give the haters something to talk about (hey)
Yo, rise up!

Written and Performed by Viano Dee
Instrumental: The Rising by Aakash Gandhi (88keystoEuphoria)
Mixed: Semshak

About Rise Up (Rap Infused Spoken Word Poetry)

Rise up is a rap infused spoken word poetry encouraging anyone who is being weighed down by life’s troubles to hold on. It’s a reminder that pain is phase that will pass and it’s purpose is to strengthen us.

Giving up shouldn’t be an option, we must find the strength to Rise up. We may not like pain when it comes but when it’s done, we’ll look back and realize how far we’ve come — and then we’ll be grateful.

The message was inspired by Aakash Gandhi’s instrumental titled The Rising. I heard it, fell in love with it then decided to write lyrics to it and so became the birth of Rise Up. I hope you find it inspiring.

Rise Up (Rap Infused Spoken Word Poetry)
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Rise Up (Rap Infused Spoken Word Poetry)
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Komal Patel

wow. The song is pretty heavy. It definitely tackles a tough subject but teaches you to stay strong.

Viano Dee
Reply to  Komal Patel

Thank you so much, Komal.


You have an incredible creative gift. This is very honest and the passion is real. I would say you are definitely motivational!

Viano Dee
Reply to  Hannah

I truly appreciate your kind words, Hannah.


This is amazing…would love to hear it performed…you have a gift. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Viano Dee
Reply to  Ellen

Thank you so much Ellen. It’s already performed though, the audio clip is at the top. Except you mean you’d like a live performance…: D

Yomi Spontaneous

I like it even more set to music as a song, you a quit the lyricist

Viano Dee

Thanks for the kind words, Jen.

Adventure Aficionado

What an inspiring and beautiful song to have written! I think it is great to show that there are bad days that everyone goes through, but the important thing is that you get back up and keep going.

Michael Oyco

Thank you for this. I was kind of up lifted somehow to push forward.

Di MadWriter

Wow! What an amazing and thought provoking piece. Such good use of the nice instrumental.


A very lovely and inspirational song. Thank you for trying to help others through your music.

Eileen M. Loya

This so inspiring. I can relate to this because I have been feeling down lately. I am keeping the faith, staying hopeful that someday, I will rise up!

Kristine Nicole Alessandra

“When you feel like you are at the end of the rope, tie a knot and hang on.” This quote resonates with me very well and your post about rising up is very motivational. Storms in life will come and go. It is only a way to teach us to be strong and resilient.

Pooja malkani

I have never heard Rise up but seems like a great song. So inspirational and motivational. Songs are great way to lift up your mood and I love to listen to such songs

Marjie Mare

Your post inspires me to believe and persevere. Life can be very hard and live us shaken, quitting is definitely not an option.


You are right, pain is temporary. It is difficult to see that in the moment, but eventually it does pass and helps us in the next phase of our life.

Komal Patel

this this post came at the most perfect time with the passing of Kobe. Pain in temporary. It’s how we rise above it.

Cherrie Bautista

I love the lyrics and how it gives the motivation and inspiration to rise up from whatever it is you’re going through right now. Gives a nice reminder that it will pass, just keep moving forward.

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