Viano Dee || Reflections

Anywhere and everywhere you go
Tell anyone, tell everyone you know
This life wey we dey live no get part two
So make you no dey use am catch cruise (2x)

Let me speak, breakdown the thoughts in my head
Use this beat to express the things I reflect on
These are reflections you might ponder on
Cause it’s about us and future generations

Life is just as fleeting as time
It’s a time lapse for us cause it fast forwards
Can’t even rewind, can’t even pause
Then you realize now is all we got

So take this careful heed, live life cheerfully
Love your God, your neighbour, live life carefully
Don’t take for granted the air that you breathe
Stop trying to read another man’s script

Learn to be content, learn to be real
Learn to be silent, know when to speak
Choose your words wisely, cause they define you
Learn to love freely, let your love shine through

Stand for the truth, don’t let lies deceive you
Look up to Christ, don’t make man your idol
Men can fail you, but Christ cannot fail you
Trust the process, don’t let greed control you

Stop trying to impress, save yourself the stress
No go do pass yourself, no land for distress
Those who’ve walked that road, now sink in regrets
Cause they’ve sold their souls for gold, now it’s worthless.


The moral of the story is this:
Life is too short to be chasing the wind
Live life one day at a time
Because the truth of the matter is this:
We only have this moment
We only have now.

Anywhere and everywhere you go
Tell anyone, tell everyone you know
This life wey we dey live no get part two
So make you no dey use am catch cruise…(2x)

Written and Performed: Viano Dee
Beat: Patrick Patrikios

About “Reflections”

Reflections is the last track on the EP,30. The song basically mirrors life as a whole. Think of it as musings of a 30 year old. It’s simply about observations and the things one has learnt from them.

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Viano Dee

Viano Dee is a non niche blogger, poet, songwriter and a hardcore romantic who believes that life is something that we all should be positive about. She writes about life generally with the hope that positive change will occur even if it's just in one person. Her write-ups could take any form: poetry, articles, and even songs in ways that'll inspire you, resonate with you, or tell a story while keeping you both informed and entertained.

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Emily Terrell
3 months ago

I’m still amazed at those who like to think they have all the time in the world to do whatever, whenever they want. At those who fail to see what they are giving up on and how many choose to chance it instead of looking to Christ. Wonderful song to bring us back to remember.

Stephanie Pick
3 months ago

Beautifully written. Advice we should all listen to. Thanks for this!

21 days ago

I love the messages in this piece. They speak to where I am now in my life 🙂

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