Redirect Your Focus!

Redirect Your Focus!

Redirect Your Focus!

Written by Stephanie Chuks (Contributor)

My handwriting is terrible. In fact, it is the worst I have seen so far. Funny enough, it looks like it’s becoming worse every day. I have been insulted, laughed at, bullied for as long as I can remember because of how bad it is.

When I was younger, my dad would express his dissatisfaction over it each time he was teaching me. My lesson teacher didn’t act any differently neither did my school teachers. My friends never asked for my notes because there was no point– even I couldn’t understand my own handwriting for the most part.

Eventually, as the years went by, I gave up on writing. I preferred conveying my message by speaking. Writing became annoying and boring to me. It was frustrating to not be able to read what I had written. Worse, I was tired of all the complaints I was getting. Then, all of a sudden, it happened! And no, it’s not what you think— my handwriting didn’t get better– it was something else.

I realized that typing could work in my favour. I got positive feedback from those who read my write-ups. It felt so good. It dawned on me that I had been focusing on my limitations in the ‘act’ of writing that I lost sight of my strength in the ‘art’ of writing.

Now, my writing may not look good on paper but I am great at putting my words in writing (by typing of course :D). It all made perfect sense. You see, where there is a will, there is a way. Whoever said this was absolutely correct.

Many times we focus so much on the negativity that surrounds our gifts that we lose sight of the wealth of potentials that are within those gifts. What is that thing you do that people always complain about? Here’s a shocker! It could be a pointer to your potential.

Do people make fun of the way you sing? Don’t stop singing. Find a way around it to become better. Do they say you talk too much? You’re a potential public speaker or even a radio presenter. They may say you know too much. You probably do. You are a potential teacher.

It takes only a few with an unusual eyesight to see beyond the mud of your gift and dig out the gold in it. What people complain about you may be a blessing in disguise. They are only looking at the dirt around it while neglecting the gold that is hiding beneath.

Rather than going into your shell, give your unique self another chance. It could be a pointer to what you are supposed to be doing on earth.

Question: How do you intend to redirect your focus ? Drop your comments. Share your thoughts.

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Redirect your focus
Redirect Your Focus
Redirect Your Focus
Redirect Your Focus

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Stephanie Chuks

Stephanie Chuks is a Self-Identity coach, a Public Speaker, A Creative Writer and a youth mentor. She helps young confused people discover their dominant uniqueness and their life's purpose thereby helping them live a life of impact and maximum fulfillment free from depression, low self-esteem and identity crisis. She is from Obowo local government in Imo State, Nigeria. She has helped a lot of young confused people understand their identity through her group mentorship training, her One on one coaching sessions and her impactful Articles. She is passionate about what she does and she does it with so much zeal and mastery.

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Growing up, people always complained about how my voice is so loud. They always say that they hear me everywhere! When we had a spoken word poetry presentation, all of them were in awe because I successfully used my voice to convey the emotions in the poetry.

Kristine Nicole Alessandra

This is a great example of redirecting your focus and making your talent shine through a method other than the conventional. As a child, I usually annoyed my elders because I asked too many questions. I never did stop, even as an adult. There is no stupid question. It is a way for a person to learn, to understand, and to impart knowledge.

Olivia Ngene

Lol. I can relate to this because I had a terrible writing too. I remember the day I came back fro school and my dad asked me to read what I wrote in class. I stuttered. I couldn’t get the words out because the writing was bad. I couldn’t even see clearly. That earned me a sharp knock on my head. I will never forget that. But then, I started writing…stringing words together. They became my best friends. I can write for long and never be tired. Even though these days, I’m super lazy with writing and expressing myself…but it’s still in my vein. And I will pick it up when I’m ready again.

Nice write up

Emily Terrell

I’m the total opposite when it comes to writing, however, I have always been terrible at math. And I have had similar experiences because of it. It wasn’t until my later college years that I met someone who put it into perspective for me. My brain was hardwired to be excellent at one thing (English), but in the opposite hand was math and I really sucked at it. (Getting a C in Algebra was exciting to me.) He was a hacker with math skills through the roof, but his English was an atrocity. We made a great team helping each other because of it. So I now no longer see my lack in math skills as lacking. I prefer to see it as a skill that is not honed, not even meant to be honed. And I’m okay with that.


Great way to think about making lemonade from lemons. Nowadays, computers have replaced writing and even doctors have the worst writing ever…but they’re still professionals lol.

Kate Loves Travel

Ha, I could have written this! My handwriting is terrible – I get so much stick for it! But I love writing and don’t let it stop me…

Wren Marie

It is so important to redirect sometimes! Only we control how far we go with things and sometimes changing is good!


Thats such an interesting point. Its true that the thing that makes you different and maybe even weird is what makes you special. Even if we don’t wanna admit it


Wow!! Redirect your focus! This is exactly what I wanted to hear! I will definitely take notes because you made some really good points in there! Cant wait for your next post

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