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Rectified|| Viano Dee

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he said I was nuts

so he slapped me 

back to sanity

and bullied me 

into submission.

cause I had to be


he said I was nuts

so he slapped me

back to sanity

and bullied me

into submission

cause I had to be


like an object that’s faulty

I needed to be hit in order to be fixed

because clearly I wasn’t considered

a human being. I had to be

rectified —

his words, not mine.

said I needed to be rectified–

his way, not mine.



he pushed me down chest flat,

compressed me with his weight

and shredded my innocence

I screamed out

but the music so loud

drowned my shouts

as I clung to the kitchen door

till he was done and was left

abandoned in a pool of

my own tears, sweat and blood. He left me

traumatized. Believe me when I tell you

I was traumatized.



he went about telling fabricated

tales of how I did this, said that,

stole this, whored myself out—

he called me several names

and said I was no good,

I was ungrateful,

that he had done me a favour 

by giving me the pleasure 

no one ever would.

if only they knew

that they were lies

if only they knew

I was being vilified.



he looked at me like 

a happy meal — I smiled 

knowing that facial expression

was about to expire.

I knew no mercy 

so I showed none when

the growing hatred in me

chose to break free, he died

from the shot of his own gun.

he had been neutralized.

I had him neutralized.



I sat and watched his body

grow cold. Seemed I didn’t need to

be slapped back into sanity —

this was sanity: freedom. life.

My life has been rectified

my words, not his

It had been rectified.

my way, not his.



Written and Performed: Viano Dee

Instrumental: Court and Page by Silent Partner

Mixed/Mastered: Semshak

About ‘Rectified’

Rectified is a dark rap infused spoken word poetry that talks about physical, sexual, emotional/verbal abuse. The piece is divided into five parts in which the first three verses touch on aspects of abuse. These parts focus on the actions of the abuser. On the other hand, the last two verses deal with the actions of the victim.

Abuse is rampant in today’s society and there are thousands of tales that have and will go unheard. Worse, is the boy child (males generally) whose stories are hardly ever heard. It’s almost like they don’t exist. We need to stop ignoring these issues. We need to understand anyone can be abused.

When such people have no where to turn to, they will take issues into their hands. Sometimes, they forgive and move on but for others, it’s one out of two ways: Suicide or Murder (sometimes, both). It shows how abuse can turn people into “monsters”.

#saynotoanyformofabuse #dontignoretheboychild #dontignorethemen #stopridiclingthevictims #speakfortheoppresed #helpthehelpless

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