Rape and the Tale of Silence

Rape and the Tale of Silence

Rape and the Tale of Silence.

There was a time when no one heard about cases of rape. It was a time when people had consciences, a time when each man was his brother’s keeper. These were the days of old. I believe that’s what we would all like to assume. But what if there were cases of rape that just went unheard? What if it had been a long-time practice that is only becoming visible in recent times? What if anyone that was raped just kept quiet for fear of being shamed, blamed and victimized? The truth is that rape has been around a long time.

What is Rape?

Rape can be defined as an unlawful sexual activity which involves all forms of sexual intercourse that is carried out on someone without their consent or against their will. In other words, it is having sexual intercourse with someone who isn’t willing.

It is sad to know that many people have gone through this excruciating pain and are forced to keep quiet about it for the rest of their lives– men, women, and children. Why? Because society can be cruel and justice is also a victim of rape.

Take for example in Nigeria, some women who came out as victims of rape while pointing fingers at their perpetrators were lambasted and thoroughly abused as people who were trying to bring down their supposed “men of God.”

The support these women received was nothing compared to the hits and blows they were met with. Let’s not forget the threats of different kinds that accompanied them. To know that there have been past traces of rape following these so-called leaders but no, that doesn’t matter. They are “men of God” and therefore are immune to sin.

That aside, the loudest anthem on society’s lips was: “Why didn’t they come out and speak when it happened? Why now?” As if rape is a thing that one should be proud of like it’s an achievement. First of all, rape is painful. Secondly, it takes a lot of courage to admit that it has been done not to talk of coming out to speak openly about it.

These women couldn’t have made up these stories. What do they have to gain? Am I saying that people cannot be framed? No. Some people have gone to jail for crimes they didn’t commit. Take for instance the Central Park 5 (a group of 5 teens from ages 14-16) who were forced to accept responsibility of a rape crime they did not commit.

There’s the case of 16-year old Brian Banks who was falsely accused of rape by his 15-year-old classmate Wanetta Gibson. VanDyke Perry and Gregory Counts also went to jail and spent 26 years for rape and other crimes they weren’t guilty of and, Wilbert Jones— spent 46 years for rape he had no idea of– just to mention a few.

In these cases, it is clear that the police and prosecutors didn’t investigate properly or were just negligent since the accused weren’t whites. In cases where the perpetrators were whites and pleaded guilty to the crimes of rape, people like Brock Turner, Michael Wysolovski and Shane Piche were served with light sentences. Imagine the guilty being able to roam and the innocent held behind bars. This is our reality.

However, these so-called spiritual leaders aren’t being framed. There are tales of them bribing the police, media and other influential people in the bid to cover up their crimes. These so called leaders have committed several atrocities and there are hard facts to prove this but some people have decided to permanently close their eyes to the truth. This evil is what inspired the spoken word Feed the People with Lies. It is so painful.

I remember reading a post a man wrote when this drama started. The man was discussing with his friend concerning the said story. He said his friend kept defending this so-called pastor and was asking why the victim didn’t speak till now. He said she was being vindictive; turns out his daughter was listening to their conversation and came out to tell her dad that a family friend had raped her.

You can imagine how his heart sunk into his stomach and as one would expect, he cried. They sent for the family friend with plans to lock him up. I believe this man will never remain the same again. When he hears of rape he will always remember his daughter. That’s what happens when you’re affected directly. Shit is real but it’s “most real” when it happens to you.

The common problem most people lack is the ability to investigate and discern. This also reminds me of the R. Kelly case– with all the proof of the girls he captured (so to speak) and the dehumanizing things they were told to do and were put through, how did people react? Some people expressed irritation and surprise but many people blamed the victims.

Agreed some of the girls were of age when they were abused but most of them weren’t. Also, anyone who is discerning would know that there was some form of hypnotism and control at work especially in cases where the girls ran away from him but later returned.

You see, the way the society treats issues sometimes is just plain disturbing. People want to believe what they want to believe rather than the truth. I bet you that there are up to a million cases of unheard rape or even more. This is not because there is no platform to speak out (there are many these days) but it is because the sufferers do not want to be victims twice.

I guess this was something that ran through the minds of the little children, young men, and nuns that were raped by Catholic priests. They preferred to die in silence than speak out for fear of being victimized. That is the fear of every rape victim– who will believe me?

Regardless of whether or not people speak out, rape doesn’t seem like it would be going away soon. If anything, I think it is becoming so popular. It raves in the minds of the great and small, young and old, tall and short, and cuts across religions, positions, and statuses.

Rape is a growing epidemic– one that may likely be without a cure. To make things worse, it seems society is gradually being programmed to treat it like it’s not much of a big deal because sadly, even when awareness is being raised, it rapidly dies down– in most cases, the perpetrators walk away unscathed.

In all these, nothing is more painful than the evil being committed by the so-called Christian leaders. But it is no surprise since the Bible already told us in the book of Matthew 24:11-13

11 and many false prophets will arise and mislead many. 12 Because of the multiplication of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold. 13 But the one who perseveres to the end will be saved…

The increase in evil and wickedness should not stop you from serving Jesus Christ neither should it stop you from coming to him that’s why he told us ahead of time so we would be prepared. These things must happen. The prophecy must be fulfilled.

So teach your children to speak out but let them know they would be hit with many stones by society. Tell them their voices will be drowned and their perpetrators may likely walk away freely. Explain to them that justice is also a victim of rape.

But teach them regardless, that they must not see evil and remain silent. Teach them to know their God and stand for the truth even to the point of death so that when they are gone, their voices will remain and be heard. Silence is not an option.

They need to know that society can be cruel but one day justice will speak and when it does, the wicked will have no hiding place.


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