Please, where are my fans?!

Please, where are my fans?!

Please, where are my fans?!

As some of you know, I have officially released some of the songs you guys love so much. This means you can access them on your preferred music streaming platforms. Yay!

It’s 2 years late but still, yay!

Truth is I didn’t think of distributing them at the time because I was doing it as a hobby. However, I soon realized that if you really want to be heard, you have to understand the music business. You must have fans or you as good as invincible.

I also discovered that my type of music is almost non-existent. I say almost because I don’t know anyone else who is doing what I’m doing and that’s because I mess with genres to create something new. However, the problem is people aren’t so conversant with the new (see why I have to be heard?) and to be honest, I’m not even sure what to call the genres I’ve created.

Even though “Rap” may serve as an umbrella for one of the genres I’ve created, it doesn’t particularly fit into what is popularly termed as Hip-Hop or rap. Reason is because the style is completely different from all that I hear.

The other genre is a bit calmer than “Pop” and yet doesn’t seem to fall into R&B even though they posses certain elements of the mentioned genre. Arrrgh, being unique is so much work but atleast one gets to stand out. *wink*.

Despite this, I noticed that these songs resonate with listeners. People are looking for music that speaks to them– songs that cover issues that are rarely spoken about. You may wonder how I know this. Well, there were tons of downloads on a daily basis from different parts of the world when it was available for free.

This suggests that I have an audience. I have fans but… I didn’t have a platform at the time to let these people connect with me. Honestly, I didn’t know a lot then and trust me when I say, I’m paying greatlyfor my ignorance. Sighs.

One of the reasons I started rapping was because I wasn’t getting any positive messages particularly from rappers in the female category. A bulk of their messages are about their bodies or their feminity. I wanted something different, refreshing, meaningful and positive.

My aim is to creatively inform and entertain so that when you listen to me, you’re learning something. If that’s not the case, it’ll resonate with you.

Now that you know all these, here is my request. If you’ve enjoyed any of my songs, I need you to use that same energy y’all used to download for free to hype me by following me on Instagram and Facebook. Yes, I’ve learned from my lesson. Lol.

Not just that, y’all can find me on Spotify, Apple music or your preferred music streaming platform. You can do is to support me by purchasing a copy of your favourite song here.

So please where are my fans?! Y’all need to come out from your hiding place and do the needful. Share with friends and enemies. Thank you guys! Much love!

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Please where are my Fans
Please where are my Fans
Please where are my Fans
Please where are my Fans

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Non-niche blogger. Poet. Songwriter. A hardcore romantic. Her write-ups could take any form: poetry, articles, and even songs in ways that'll inspire you, resonate with you, or tell a story while keeping you both informed and entertained.

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When you start something as a hobby and take it seriously, it certainly can become a profession. Best wishes and you’re doing great!


Best wishes and you are doing awesome already!

Lyanna Soria

Wow, that’s amazing and keep up the awesome work. Started out as a hobby and surely in the long run would end up being professional.


Today I’m glad social media like Spotify and even Instagram is available to everyone. I’ve discovered a few artists that I didn’t know about but truly enjoyed their music. I’m glad you found yours and you continue to push through. Keep it up!


Agree that most people resonate with songs and look for music that speaks to them. It’s great you are able to entertain with the platform by providing refreshing and positive content. Wish you the best.


Congratulations! You are doing amazing and keep pursuing your passion


Congratulations on completing two years. Rapping is a great hobby. It is always great to hear the songs. Consider one of your fans and keep rapping


Oh wow, it’s great that you are doing something that you enjoy. Keep going!


Nice one on the music. It’s always great to explore one’s creative side and see where it takes us. Maybe you could create your own specific genre lol.

Samantha Donnelly

One thing I have learnt is that there are many different genres to music and never say I do not like something which my husband smuggly says to me. Good luck with your journey and keep going

Jen @ Jenron Designs

Yay congratulations this is really such a beautiful path of growth I have watched you take over the years!


it is great it started as a hobby but now it’s a profession. I don’t really get much about rap but you go!


Keep up the great work! Always remember to do it for you and the rest will follow!


Congrats on releasing your songs, it may be 2 years late but think of all the people around the globe who are still procrastinating. Well done for taking action.

Jennifer Villanueva

It’s a good thing you decided to launch your musical hobby into an eventual career. That’s one big step that you should really take. You are right when you said it is the only way to be heard, sharing your God-given talent is your responsibility. Keep it up and way to go!

the wise guy

Wow, amazing and enlightening blog. Keep up the sterling work.


Will check them out on my next free time! Did not know they were originals! Good job!

Yemi King

My brother is a music producer and I understand the effort it takes.Look forward to finding out more about you and your craft!


Congrats on completing two years. Best wishes and keep writing.


Would love to support you! Checking you out on Spotify. 🙂
Congratulations for the beautiful music that you make.

Amalia Silva

Keep creating content and your music, trust the process things will come!


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