Once Upon a Shredded Dream

Once Upon a Shredded Dream

Once Upon a Shredded Dream

Once Upon a Shredded Dream.

His lips tasted like honey each time we kissed.

I got lost in his arms each time he held me close.

But there was something that lay hidden —
that, he didn’t disclose.

I didn’t bother because it didn’t matter— at least that was what I thought.

Even though I knew something was wrong, he was the one I loved.

I didn’t want to let go because I was so used to the celebrity lifestyle: in the magazines, at the events and on the TV screen.

To let go meant to forfeit my dream of living the life, so

I had to endure every hit he gave while he screamed at me. I wanted

the fame so I struggled to hide my shame— just to be a part of the game— so I could maintain my status and name.

But I was just fooling myself cause life for me was Paradise in Hell. It wasn’t long before I discovered that I was just another

jewel among his collections; and like all other jewels before me, I was dumped for his latest collection. It was to me an open

secret— a mystery revealed and there I was sitting all alone in misery feeling empty. Hot

streams of tears began to flow down my cheeks as I looked in the mirror staring at this one time beauty whose

face now looked disfigured as a result of the many blows she had received. I had been lost in my thoughts when I felt

a tap on my shoulder. I looked up— and it was the One who loved me.

I didn’t love him before now cause he was nothing like the stuff I was used to.

He didn’t party so there were no snapshots.
He didn’t go shopping so there were no diamonds.

He was no superstar so there were no spotlights. But while I was in despair, he came near and he whispered to me:

“Allow me to clean your wounds.” I allowed him to. Softly and tenderly, he cleaned them. When he was done, he said:

“Allow me to treat you right.” I agreed. Then in the softest tone, he whispered the words:

“I love you. I always have and always will.”

I asked why he’d pick interest in such an ugly figure like me— who didn’t care about him and treated him bad when I was living my dream.

He replied: “You’re not ugly, you’re just messed up— in time you will heal. I want you to know that I am moved by my love for you not by the things you say or do.”

Then he held me in his arms and gave me the warmest embrace, lifted up my face and kissed me passionately and he said: “Please be mine.” From that moment on, I became his.

He didn’t give me the glamour I was used to instead he gave me the love and attention that I wasn’t used to. I realized that

that was what I truly needed. I began to live in the present with happiness so I gave up that dream that brought sadness. I left it in the past where it belongs for it was:

Once upon a shredded dream.

Written and Performed by Viano Dee
Instrumental: Overcome by Ugonna Onyekwe (Royalty Free Beat).

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About the poem: Once Upon a Shredded Dream

The poem can be seen from two perspectives: the physical and the spiritual. The physical aspect reveals one coming out from a toxic relationship into a beautiful one. It can be related to domestic violence.

The Spiritual aspect reveals one coming out of a relationship with sin into a relationship with God. The poet uses an earthly description of love between a couple to give an idea of what the relationship is like between Christ and the Church.

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