O Vile One: Spoken Word

O Vile One: Spoken Word

O Vile One: Spoken Word

O Vile One || Viano Dee

O Vile One!

She was only a little child
who wanted to live her life as one—
she wanted to enjoy her childhood but

you robbed her of that desire when you desired her and you cut

short her innocence. You defiled her pure thoughts and replaced them with constant

terrors, regrets and tears. Why?
How could you? Now, she’ll never see life the same,

your name will remain in her memories as the thief of her beloved treasure.

You vile wicked soul!

How is it that you are worse than an animal? Animals consider their young but you— you don’t. You

not only steal but also threaten to kill should she speak, you confine her to silence, you molest her rights. You

rip her joy apart, she will never be the same again.

Hide yourself in shame, O vile one! You stink of rottenness. Your mind is critically deformed. Where do you think you will

end? It may take a while but justice will one day speak,

and when it does, what shall become of you?

O Vile One!

He was only a boy when
he was defiled. Now, he can’t
seem to get it out of his mind. He

struggles to be strong; to be a man so
he fills up his skin with tattoos to prove his
masculinity. You

took away his pride and silenced his strength. You live in his head, you are the epitome of regrets.

You vile wicked soul!

How could you shred his innocence into particles of pain? How could you feed him a lifetime of disdain?

How is it that you exist to offer this? You
thief! You are a disgrace to the human
race — a waste of sperm; an epidemic!

Yet, for you O vile one, there is hope. Perhaps, you are a victim also. Seek help! Change your ways. Make peace with your

past, with yourself and those you have hurt. Right your wrongs; admit your fault now that you have the chance otherwise

sooner or later, judgement will consume you and mercy will not plead your case.

Written and Performed by Viano Dee Instrumental: Casual Desire by Ugonna Onyekwe (Royalty Free).

About O Vile One

O Vile One is a spoken word poetry that speaks against child molestation. The poet does not mince words as it is a very serious issue. Children are meant to be protected not molested and it is very painful to know that a child who is helpless is being manipulated by those who should serve as protectors.

This is a grievous issue and it should not be taken lightly. We can’t allow such evil suppress the voices of these children. This is why parents need to be close to their kids. Examine their bodies, and ask questions. Let your children be able to confide in you. Help them understand that no one has the power to silence them.

In as much as the poet unapologetically rebukes these vile ones — she also offers them hope because in many cases, the perpetrators are also victims who are struggling with their own demons.

Her advice to those who have been molested is to not let such experiences define them. The poet, who has had her own share of this experience in her childhood has realized that dwelling in the past won’t make anyone move forward.

She suggests that those who have experienced such should let go of the hurt and pain and MUST forgive. Forgiveness is not for the evil doers but for you.

Just as stated earlier, many of the perpetrators are victims too but that doesn’t mean justice won’t be served. What is evil is evil. What is vile is vile. But you do not deserve to be bound by the terrors of your past. You must learn to let go and move on. At the same time, raise your voices against evil so that the oppressed will be heard.

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