No Worries: Spoken Word

No Worries: Spoken Word

No Worries: Spoken Word

No Worries || Viano Dee

So everyone’s talking about their achievements and goals,
their plans and dreams that did unfold
their lives, their joys and things the that they learnt
and how it turned all perfect for them.

But there you are wondering and pondering:
confused, you seem lost and battered
your hopes and dreams on the ground shattered
you thought your story would be much greater and better.

Can I please have this moment with you?
I’d like to share a word or two
I need you listen and carefully listen
to what I have to say to you.

You see:

Your life is different and so is your race:
the fact that you live speaks volumes of grace.

Don’t compare your journey to others, you have no clue what theirs is about,

be grateful for all you have and the good times you’ve experienced.

I know you had great plans and dreams:
you thought by now they’d all come to be

But let me assure you, the journey has only started—
all you need is a moment of patience
Eventually when it happens you’d be glad you waited.

Even though it may not come out as you’ve always expected:
It may be greater or it may be less
but whatever it is, you’d be glad and be blessed.

Contentment is golden and so also is silence
but when success comes, his voice is the loudest.

No need to be weighed down, no need to cry
Joy is coming and she is close by.

Written and Performed by Viano Dee. Instrumental: Poisoned Rose by Aakash Gandhi (88keystoEuphoria)

About No Worries

No Worries is a spoken word poetry that seeks to encourage those who seem to have been let down by certain circumstances in life. It is for those who are struggling to keep up, to breathe, to make things happen but feel like they aren’t moving forward because they feel left out. The reason being that those around them seem to be ahead of them.

The poet is aware of this problem and reminds them that everyone is on a journey and each is different from the other. Everyone (regardless of how and what they feel) is exactly where they ought to be. Instead of comparing our lives to others, we ought to be grateful for life and all that we have.

In the end, we’ll appreciate every moment including those that seemed to be delays or disappointments and we’ll be glad we waited.

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Viano Dee

Non-niche blogger. Poet. Songwriter. A hardcore romantic. Her write-ups could take any form: poetry, articles, and even songs in ways that'll inspire you, resonate with you, or tell a story while keeping you both informed and entertained.

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I like what sritten above even I don’t know the poetry writer. Really inspiring for me to get more success in the future especially 2020

Charlotte Jessop

Beautiful words! This time of year can be hard for some people particularly when surrounded by people setting goals etc.


Such a lovely poem, we all have dreams and thoughts of how things should be, but all suffer and face disapointment at some stage, this makes you realise these can be for a good thing x

Najeem Mujeeb

What a lovely poem! I learn a lot from it and you make me understand that wherever or whatever situation we find ourself, we should be grateful instead of comparing our lives to others.

Adventure Aficionado

What a beautiful poem. The words are pretty powerful, and it makes you realize the things in your life that matter, especially since there is a lot of disappointment people go through in their lives.

Maysz Adrias

I love this! Life is not a race it always take a step and process and I believe that everyday new hopes and chances nice poem I love it!

Marjie Mare

This poem is so beautiful and speaks to me. Thanks for sharing. .

Michael Oyco

Contentment is the word. You reminded me to be thankful for the present and not worry about the future. Thank you.

Reply to  Michael Oyco

This both beautifully poetic and inspiring. I have bookmark Ed your post for future reference. Thank you

Elizabeth O

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