Nigeria: A Recap Of The Saddest Week So Far…

Nigeria: A Recap Of The Saddest Week So Far…

Nigeria: A Recap Of The Saddest Week So Far…

Written by Viano Dee

Just in case you’ve been living in a cave, here is a recap of some of the events that occurred in Nigeria the past week.

Lekki Toll Gate Shooting

The date of October 20th, 2020 is one that will linger in the minds of Nigerians for a very long time. This massacre was not about war. It wasn’t against terrorists. Heck, it definitely wasn’t about protecting the nation. This was the day young unarmed protesters were shot at by soldiers. What was their crime? Protesting. Yeah, you heard right. Nigerians were doing the #endsars protest and they were shot at for that.

What’s worse? Before the shooting CCTV cameras at the toll gate were removed and the lights went off and the soldiers went on a shooting spree… live bullets. It is said that at least 15 people died. This was recorded by Dj Switch. You can watch the video here:

The question on everyone’s mind was “who ordered the shooting?” No one seems to be taking any responsibility. But nothing was more despicable than the government trying to claim ignorance about the situation as if nothing of such ever happened, only to then say it was one person that died. To make matters worse, the President, who gave a speech two days later, after so much pressure from Nigerians, completely ignored it. Watch the speech here:

Even more disgusting was the fact that the government tried to make it seem like Dj Switch was the enemy simply because she was able to capture the moment. She talked about this in her most recent video. Watch here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGr6VhEAi2z/

After the incident ( killing at the Lekki Toll Gate), some angry youth went about vandalizing and burning up properties such as the Lekki- Ikoyi toll gate, Oriental hotel, and TVC station, all of which have been linked to Tinubu who has been accused of being the brain behind the camera removal and the ordering of soldiers to shoot at protesters– allegations he has vehemently denied.

Hoarded COVID-19 Palliatives Found In Warehouses Across The States In Nigeria

Just when one you thought you had heard enough, another mind blogging thing happened. Palliatives meant for distribution during the Covid-19 lockdown were found in warehouses across the states in Nigeria. There were all stored up to the extent that some of these items were spoiling while many Nigerians were starving.

The first place that was located was said to have been found in the Oba of Lagos Palace while another set of items were found in a large warehouse somewhere in Maza maza, Lagos state. Other states followed suit. Here are some videos:

Warehouse full of Covid-19 palliatives meant for Nigerians discovered in Lagos, Nigeria
Warehouse full of Covid-19 palliatives meant for Nigerians discovered in Jos, Nigeria
The great multitude outside the warehouse in Jos, Nigeria
Warehouse full of Covid-19 palliatives meant for Nigerians discovered in Enugu, Nigeria

These are few videos compared to the warehouse discovered all around Nigeria.

It is a shame that a government that’s meant to cater to the needs of its people is responsible for their lack and poverty all because of greed and power. Indeed, there is no peace for the wicked.

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Nigeria: A Recap Of The Saddest Week So Far
Nigeria: A Recap Of The Saddest Week So Far
Nigeria: A Recap Of The Saddest Week So Far
Nigeria: A Recap Of The Saddest Week So Far
Nigeria: A Recap Of The Saddest Week So Far
Nigeria: A Recap Of The Saddest Week So Far

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The Cheetah Buzz

What’s going on in Nigeria is really sad. It’s a real shame that the people who are supposed to protect you are rather harming you. This year has showed and exposed so many wounds that needs effective healing and I am praying that these Nigerians find peace quickly. Man, that’s crazy! xxx


I was traumatized learning about what’s happening in Nigeria. Post colonial Naija is not without its faults at all and I think we’re coming to a head at the moment. I am still optimistic for the Nigeria of the future.


I did hear about this particularly awful day amongst all these tragic events happening in Nigeria, and it’s just heartbreaking. I honestly do weep every time I see any footage of any of it, and I get so mad at the people where I live (Melbourne, Australia) who were protesting because our government closed down certain businesses for a few months this year so that COVID didn’t spread (which worked, by the way, it saved so many lives). How can they complain when our government did that to PROTECT us, when other countries are going through what Nigerians are going through? It’s just baffling, all of it. It’s also really disappointing that what’s going on in Nigeria isn’t being talked about more, as I’ve only really seen other bloggers talk about it. It’s been on some news websites, but not enough. More people need to be aware of it, for sure.


it is very saddening it happens in Nigeria. There are absolutely no word about it in my country at all


So many sad things happening all around the world at the moment. I can’t believe so much food was wasted whilst people went hungry.

Lucy Dorrington

This is such a sad situation. I feel for the citizens who are caught up in this, as if there isn’t enough to deal with at the moment.


Ugh this is so awful, somehow it seems like the priorities of people are really off right now, and I find the world to be so very disappointing.

Britt K

It’s disgusting to think that a government would purposely leave it’s people in poverty. There is so much negativity in the world, it’s almost hard to wrap your hands around the fact that even more hatred, anger, death and destruction is happening at the hands of those who are charged to care for the people.


This is so heartbreaking. I can’t believe the government would do something like that. Horrible.

Elena Toma

This is beyond sad, the shooting and the fact that while provisions were spoiling people were starved to death. For me is very frustrating to see all of this happening and not be able to do nothing about it. Absolutely horrific !

Autumn Murray

The situation in Nigeria is so sad. I am praying for everyone. Peace and justice can not come soon enough.

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