Modern Day Problems: The Sad Side of Social Media

Modern Day Problems: The Sad Side of Social Media

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Modern Day Problems: The Sad Side of Social Media

In this age of technology, it is not surprising that people have become highly dependent on gadgets. This era promises a faster, less stressful way of life—as some call it— the microwave lifestyle. A life where one doesn’t need to put in so much effort to get a result. One of the offsprings of technology is the handset.

With new inventions and updates coming up almost on a daily basis, it is almost impossible to keep up with the trends.

One begins to wonder what the craze is about. But when we look closely we discover that indeed we are on the world wide web (pun intended).

The internet is a web capturing minds in such gripping ways that it seems
almost impossible to wriggle out of it 

The internet is a web capturing minds in such gripping ways that it seems almost impossible to wriggle out of it (a reference to the spider web- get it?) Anyway, we seem to be plagued by the disease of Social Media.

Agreed, Social Media has helped us connect, we’ve become a global village. We get so much information at our fingertips, that businesses thrive because of the access to a large audience. In as much as this is true, we cannot help but notice its downside.

For reasons which will be discussed very soon, it is obvious that social media has been instrumental in defining what modern problems really are.

When we talk about problems, what comes to mind are great issues such as poverty, security instability, natural disasters, and the likes but what about the modern-day ones such as individual insecurities, inferiority complex, depression, alter egos, and more?

The sad part, a lot of people are victims and yet are completely unaware. Otherwise, how can you explain the fact that social media which is meant to be a social platform, has, in reality, made us antisocial?

In many homes, verbal communication is almost taboo. It’s a pity that we’d rather connect with those who live on our phones than those who are physically here with us.

Anything for the likes…

As if that isn’t enough, we seek validation from a bunch of people who for the most part really don’t care about us.

Anything for “likes and loves” will do– even if we need to go naked or get some implants, show some abs or flaunt some cash; just as long as we get noticed. All these for what? A moment of recognition?

We rather not take the long road, nope. Absolutely not! We rather shine by the lies we have created, by the heavily edited selfies, the heavily powdered and painted faces— we would rather live this way than speak our truths; than be positive influences.

Meanwhile, someone at the other end of the screen is feeling depressed
because they can’t keep up

Meanwhile at the other end of the screen is someone who is scrolling through and comparing themselves, feeling depressed because they can’t keep up. They wonder why they are so backward — some even begin contemplating suicide.

If only they could see through the deceptions and realize that that pic was edited to look like he was in a jet; that that dress she wore was rented and the hips were padded to look as if she was an hourglass- the waist belt concealed everything she didn’t feel right about…

…and the shopping bags were just gifts from him who is old enough to be called dad — they were the products of a one-night stand just so she could slay on Instagram.

Oh! Let’s not forget the guy who flaunts the cash but has to go gay even though he’s straight. His bloodshot eyes are reflections of yesterday’s covenant–  he dares not make a mistake for his life depends on it.

If only the scrollers could see that they were far better than what they perceived was best maybe, just maybe, they wouldn’t be so depressed. Now, don’t get me wrong, it isn’t all fake but the fake surpasses the real and the fake is mostly truly believed.

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After all, has been said and done, the circle still moves on but you, yes YOU, it’s time to open your eyes and reevaluate your life.

You don’t need the validation of others to stay alive, you don’t need the validation of others to be recognized, connect more with those you see around you because there’s more to life than the gadget in your hand. Learn to love yourself the way you are. You really don’t need to be on the other side; you don’t need to be on the sad side.

Drop your comments.

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It’s sad but true. I agree with you completely. One suggestion. When adding pictures do add the source to avoid copyright issues.


Social Media can be a good thing but sadly it has changed so much and it is all about how popular you are.  I always tell my kids and their friends just be you and only have people you really know and not just have people for numbers x

Elena Toma

Sadly but true some people can live for the fake popularity and also get addicted to it.Great post !

Annemarie LeBlanc

Social media has changed so much. Sadly, there are some people who use it to make others feel bad about themselves. I always remind my children that not everything they see and read on the internet is true, and it should not affect the way they see themselves. 


Social Media is a power tool and onus is on us to use to properly. Some people misuse it but some people use it for a good purpose. I know a person who using social media in Goa cleaned collated an army to clean a beach.

Alexandra Cook

This is so sa but true. So many negative effects that social media given to us. Yet it is atking over with anyone.

Kristine Nicole Alessandra

It is sad that social media has turned out this way – a test of popularity. Although I see a few posts that are worth sharing (crowd sourcing, awareness campaigns, prayer requests, etc), I still dislike the fact that some people use social media to vent out their anger and let the world know of their “issues.” 

Fashion and Style Police

Social media has taken over our lives pretty much and I agree with it making us very antisocial. Sad times. 


I totally agree with your post. Unfortunately there is also a sad/ bad side of social media. Thus, we should never let our kids have their lives revolve around online activities. It is still healthier if we go out. Meet people and see them personally. 

Jade Braham

I completely agree with your argument! I try to detox from social media for at least a week each month because I feel like I am living a virtual reality instead of actually living in the moment, with the people around me! I find I miss a lot of things because I am so connected to my social media and its very toxic! I have fallen prey to wanting to look better, change my eating habits, etc. all because of social media but I have to remind myself that a lot of it is fake! Thanks for reminding me of this! 


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[…] Read also: Modern Day Problems: The Sad Side of Social Media […]

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