Mend Your Broken Piece!

Mend Your Broken Piece!

Mend your broken piece!

Written by Stephanie Chuks

So you grew up with abusive parents who constantly insulted you and made you feel less of a human being for every mistake you made growing up. Then you went along and met your school teachers who reminded you that nothing good could come out of your empty head.

And while you were trying to pick up the broken pieces, you met friends who constantly mocked you in the name of jokes. They sneered at your body parts and compared them to unimaginable things as a way of making fun of you.

Even though you mocked them back and you guys laughed it off as a harmless joke, you went back home feeling dejected. You wondered if what they said was true and connected what your friend said today with what your father told you the previous week.

There you were trying to find the truth. “What if they were right?“, you whispered to yourself. They couldn’t all be wrong, you thought. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and then years. Now you’re grown but not without a terribly shattered self-esteem that disguises itself as “humility”– false humility to be precise.

Despite that, you act all tough but then the tiny little voice of criticism breaks you down and so, in a bid to avoid being criticized, you have become an over-reactive person. This prompts you to attack and block out anyone who opposes you even though they mean no harm.

But what happens when the main criticism is coming from within you? What happens when you are your worst critic? You’re so used to being put down by others and now you do it to yourself.

Listen, you have to let it go. Enough is enough. There is no need to hold on to the past. Do not let people hold you captive with their words. Write a new script, turn a new leaf. Be a little kinder to yourself and enjoy the moment. There’s so much more life has to offer but it starts with you.

Mend your broken piece. Will you?

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mend your broken piece
Mend Your Broken Piece


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Stephanie Chuks

Stephanie Chuks is a Self-Identity coach, a Public Speaker, A Creative Writer and a youth mentor. She helps young confused people discover their dominant uniqueness and their life's purpose thereby helping them live a life of impact and maximum fulfillment free from depression, low self-esteem and identity crisis. She is from Obowo local government in Imo State, Nigeria. She has helped a lot of young confused people understand their identity through her group mentorship training, her One on one coaching sessions and her impactful Articles. She is passionate about what she does and she does it with so much zeal and mastery.