Mama, I Made It!

Written by Yomi Spontaneous ( Contributor)

You love it when your son is always called ‘The law’,
Your dream was to make sure I get ‘called to bar’.
Well, I made it mama,
I now work in ‘the bar’
I promise to bring you Guinness.

Just so you could be tagged the mother of a doctor,
You bribed my way through medical school.
I made it mama,
I’ve started doing strange things to people,
Please call me ‘Doctor Strange’.

You drew the plans of my life but you wanted me to become an Architect.
You couldn’t build a home but you wanted me to become a builder.
I made it mama,
I just constructed a road to my early grave

‘General Manager befits you’ you said to me,
But how do I succeed when even you could not manage your household?
Luckily, I made it mama,
I am now the best ‘highway manager’ in town.

You never for once asked what I wanted for myself,
You never asked why I was always scribbling on a paper.
I wanted to become a doctor of healing words,
Yes! I wanted to be an architect of beautiful poetry.

But you grabbed my last match stick of hope to fuel your burning desires

2020©️ Yomi Spontaneous

About the Poem

The poem is a reflection of how some parents force careers down the throats of their kids– either because they couldn’t live their dreams or because they want to brag about what their kids are studying or have studied.

If parents want their children to find happiness and success in life, one factor which influences happiness and success is career choice.

They need to understand that they are only guardians especially when it comes to career choice. Forcing a particular career on them just because they think it’s the best option for them is wrong and that’s why many children feel miserable and wish that their parents would respect their career choices.

One can only tell them what they feel they should consider based on their skills and abilities but in the end, allow them to make the final decision.

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Mama I made it
mama i made it

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Yomi Spontaneous

Yomi spontaneous is a young , talented and dexterious writer of different works of poetry, creative writing, song writing and lot of 'pen on paper' tasks. He is also a spoken word artiste, a soul musician and an aspiring Guinness world record breaker. He is widely known for his habitual use of pun which earned him a tag of 'The 'Punorable' amongst his fellow poets, writers and fans all over the world.

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Olivia Ngene

Nice one

Yomi Spontaneous
Reply to  Olivia Ngene

Thanks for reading

Victor Ekanem

Nice one bro


This is so beautiful!!! I know exactly the type of parents you’re talking about, I was raised by them lol….

Yomi Spontaneous
Reply to  Mosaicslab

It’s a pity..

But anyways thanks for sharing this with us


There are a growing number of parents that guide their children towards certain careers. It’s not all about bragging, many just want the best for their children or for them to have better lives than they did.

Yomi Spontaneous

Yeah. You’ve a point!

”Guide” is the right word.

Kristine Nicole Alessandra

It is a sad reality that some parents still do this. My parents were similar, but they did not “force” me. It was just like they kinda “influenced” me. Its all good however. I am exactly where I want to be today.

Yomi Spontaneous

Influencing or inspiring is also a good way of guiding children to be what they have passion for


This speaks to me as someone from a Nigerian family. Your parents hold onto their goals for you, many times to your detriment, to their own detriment!

Yomi Spontaneous
Reply to  Nkem

Hmm.. youvey said it all.

Thanks for sharing your opinion


This is the sad reality how parents like living their dreams through their children not realising they also have their own lives to figure out.

Yomi Spontaneous
Reply to  Joan

Yeah.. very correct!

Thanks for your opinion


This is a good reminder for all parents that we shouldn’t plan out a life for our children. If we truly love them, we must learn to let them live their own lives. 

Yomi Spontaneous
Reply to  Clarice

I wish all parents especially the Africans could see this. Thanks for your opinion


This poem is beautifully written and very simple poetic devices had been used. This is the real story of many kids, families till date. People need to understand that they should not force their kids to achieve what they once wanted!

Yomi Spontaneous
Reply to  Monidipa

Very correct!

Thanks for your opinion!


that is a great post, a great plan and I have to say my own parents were not like that

Yomi Spontaneous
Reply to  Lyosha

Yes. Not all parents understand that they are only guardian angels to their children. We all have other lives to live. Thanks for reading


Many Nigerian and Asian kids feel this on a spiritual level lol. Thankfully, I never suffered this even though I did want to be a doctor and even took HS subjects towards it. When I switched, it was no bother at all from my mother. I’m glad to see that our generation won’t be this way with our children. The tides are changing.

Yomi Spontaneous
Reply to  Viano Dee

Wow.. interesting!

Thanks for sharing this

Emily Terrell

This is a powerful poem indeed. One that I can definitely relate with a mother who wanted me to become a nurse because she never did. It can be hard living with the feeling of not living up to their expectations.

Yomi Spontaneous
Reply to  Emily Terrell

Very correct!

Thanks for sharing your opinion

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