Lyrical Detox: The EP

Lyrical Detox: The EP

Finally, it’s here. As some of you know, I’ve been doing a little bit of music here and there and so, I decided to take the bold step of putting out an EP. This is the first time and the first one ever. Yay!!!

Just so you know, this was created using my phone, a small mic (you can use an earpiece), and the BandLab app. If you’ve been following, I mentioned that in the last article. So if you listen to the EP and are impressed, you may want to try it out. You’ll never know what you’re capable of till you try. Look at me! I did mine with extremely little background knowledge of audio editing. The BandLab App is free to download on the Appstore and Google Playstore.

That being said, let me just say something about the EP. The idea for the title came sometime in December last year when some people on my contact list were advertising different kinds of detox products. It was like that was the only thing going on at that point in time. Then a few days later came this idea: since everyone is talking about detoxifying our bodies, what if we could detoxify our lyrics?

Keep in mind that while I was thinking about this, I had recently had a conversation with someone who was upset about some rap artists who just have the titles but have nothing to offer other than portraying themselves as sexual objects both physically and lyrically. To her, it made rap feel like trash even though she acknowledged that they were some great rap songs out there.

She had a point. Truth is that was one of the reasons I ventured into rap in the first place. Rap does not have to be about money, sex, or drugs. Unfortunately, many times, these topics are more popular than others, especially among female artists. Why can’t we change the narrative? Why can’t we be better than this? And with all these combined, came the idea Lyrical Detox.

Even though I don’t claim to be an artist so to speak since the aim of going into music is not for fame and wealth, I do it because I like to and also to let people know that regardless of all there is, there’s good, clean music out there.

In track 1, a part of the rap says: “I like to dish out words /that cause you to think/ make you reflect/ cause an impact/that’s positive”… That’s what Lyrical Detox is all about. It contains 5 songs– each deals a unique subject– subjects we don’t really hear much about. Later on, each song will be posted individually on the blog and I’ll discuss them in details.

But for now, here’s the complete EP download below and yes, it’s for free.

P.S: The second EP will be dropping on the 4th of February and it’s titled “30”. You might want to be on the look out for that.

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lyrical detox
Lyrical Detox
lyrical detox
Lyrical Detox:The EP


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