Lies: Spoken Word/Rap

Lies: Spoken Word/Rap

Lies: Spoken Word/Rap

Viano Dee|| Lies

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Intro: Instrumental

Lies, pain, pretense, the hate
Corruption, disdain
The greed and the fame (3x)

There’s a hierarchy in the world we live in
It’s the land of the free, slaves and royalty
It’s a jungle here, where the strongest rule
And the elites have the power, they’re dictating rules

Rule over the masses, march on them like grasses
Feed them with so many lies, take over their senses
They are greedy— so vain
Filled with power — sovereign
They don’t mind if people die provided money rolls out

Brothers killing brothers, envious of one another
Everything is about gain and it’s money driven
But the evil doesn’t end there, organ harvesting ,sexual slavery, mental torturing.

It’s crazy
How a world that’s supposed to be full of
Love, peace, harmony…
Is full of war
There are people living at the expense of others
Manipulating people, creating viruses, sicknesses, benefiting from war,
It’s crazy

Masters of manipulation, skilled in programming
Acting like they’re really helping while they’re destroying
Making several promises they know they’ll never keep
Pretending like they care, wolves in clothes of sheep

Taking what belongs to others, stacking it as theirs
Feeling like they have the power, like they’re immortal
But they’re mere mortals, with expiring dates
At the end of the day, they’re going to hit the grave

So what will become of everything that you’ve all acquired?
All the blood that you have shed to quench your thirst for power
All the terrorism, racism and acts of war
If the truth is forbidden, then what are we living for?

But you see, the masses love it when they’re fed with lies
And when the lies are in season, the masses will comply
But when it’s time for truth, the masses will despise it
Acting like they’re zombies, like they’re hypnotized!


Lies, pain, pretense, the hate
Corruption, disdain
The greed and the fame (2x)


Written and Performed: Viano Dee
Instrumental: Jungle by Aakash Gandhi
Mixed/Mastered: Semshak

About Lies: Spoken Word/Rap

Lies is a rap infused spoken word poetry/song that talks about the present state of the world. It talks about how a group of people feel they are superior to the rest and how they make decisions that favour them even if it means they have to lie, extort, create viruses or even start a war. They are people who are mainly concerned about their pockets, those of their generations and power.

This is not limited to the government. It cuts across all walks of life, including religion. But the ones who suffer the most are the masses because many tend to accept whatever falsehood may be served them, not only that, they go on to defend and fight for those who despise them.

In the end, everyone will get what they deserve. We all we die anyway but what we die for matters: Truth or lies!

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