Laughter: The Music Of The Soul!

Laughter: The Music Of The Soul!

Laughter: The Music Of The Soul!

Written by Di MadWriter

It was time for the routine speech that one student from each class had to deliver every morning during the assembly. I wasn’t very tall— I was one of the youngest in my class— so I always stood in the front row. When it got to my class, a girl called Love stepped forward and delivered a speech which she titled ‘Take Time.’ It was a powerful one. And now, many years later, I can only remember one line from that speech.

“Take time to laugh; it is the music of the soul.”

Of course, I came to find much later that it’s a poem by Martin Greyford. But since then, I’ve thought long and hard about that line particularly, and what it says.

Laughter is one of the most underrated gifts of nature to humanity. Imagine how life would be without laughter. It brings happiness and joy. It relieves us of stress and of our troubles. There are radio shows that I don’t dare to miss, simply because the presenters are very funny, and I need my daily dose of laughter. Sometimes, when I feel like I need a recess, I just watch comedy clips on Instagram and YouTube, and I’m back on track in no time. It is like the most fun thing to do— laughing.

I count music as one of my personal needs. In fact, if I had not spoken to a couple of people who claimed not to be attached to music, I would still believe it was the same for everyone. I simply cannot function without music. It makes me unproductive and somewhat sick if I am starved of it. And it’s not very strange, seeing that I’ve also met a lot of people who share in this addiction.

I have songs that make me want to try dance moves, and appear like a clumsy Michael Jackson. Some make me want to scream out, like if Celine Dion had a cat that was dying. With some, I just lie, shut my eyes and drift away into the dark night. Insignificant as these things may seem, it is how I stay alive. To me, just breathing isn’t living. I need to connect with everything around me, and music is essential to that.

The soul is what ties everything together. For what is a person without a soul? It is to the soul that laughter becomes music. Different shades of laughter transcribe in your soul to form the beats that make you want to dance, the words that you want to sing along to all day long, the notes that bring you calmness, the rhythm you find beauty in.

So, while most people may see that line as simply asking us to laugh more, I see it as an illustration where laughter meets music in our souls; where music becomes laughter and laughter, music. If you take laughter away from a man, his soul turns silent and bare; deprived of its favorite song. Then, every whisper and comment from the outside begins to matter.

I take my time to laugh. I love my laughter, how it sounds. If I concentrate on it, my happiness, I wouldn’t care about what others are saying about me. I’m glued to my favorite song; dancing, screaming, drifting away and back, crying even, and most importantly, happy. My soul is in the right place.

Di MadWriter

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laughter, the music of the soul
Laughter, The Music Of The Soul
Laughter, The Music Of The Soul
Laughter, The Music Of The Soul
Laughter, The Music Of The Soul
Laughter, The Music Of The Soul

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Di MadWriter

Di MadWriter is a Nigerian storyteller and poet who fully exercises his right to laugh whenever and wherever he wants. He thinks madness is a spectrum; it is not absolute. Every new day, he chooses whether to be rigid or informal. He loves to see people laugh, or smile at least.

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patience egbuagu

Keep doing you baby girl….more grace

Di MadWriter

Thank you, Patience. I will!


I can’t agree more! Laugher is essential especially at these times…

Di MadWriter
Reply to  Mosaicslab

Indeed, laughter is essential. Thank you.

Eric Gamble

I love this entire outlook about Laughter being the Music of the Soul! I had not ever heard of Martin Greyford nor the original poem, But i have to say it sounds perfect. I have had two epiphanies regarding laughter as I got older.

1) The first is several years ago, I was backpacking the entire Camino Frances Route of the Camino de Santiago. During my nearly 40 days of walking, I met so many people from around the world! We hardly ever spoke the same language but often had such fun experiences and often found ourselves laughing. I was sharing this with a young girl high school from Ireland and her mother on the route and told her about this and she replied without missing a beat, “Eric, don’t you know, People Laugh in the Same Language!” It made me stop and laugh with her about how beautiful it was!

2) The second epiphany was one day I was hanging out with my wife’s mother and I realized that my wife and her mother laugh the exact same way. Now I know if I ever need to hear my wife’s laugh, I should call her mom. I just wish I had known that was possible and had figured out who laughed like my own mother before she died this year. Cause I would really want to hear her laugh again, just once.

Di MadWriter
Reply to  Eric Gamble

This is so beautiful, Eric. Thank you for sharing. You brought a whole different dimension to it.


As they say, laughter is the best medicine

Di MadWriter
Reply to  Veronika

The very best. 😅

Thank you, Veronika.


Music is a huge part of my life too; I cannot go a day without it. I also thought it was the same for everyone else, but my partner is completely indifferent to music. He doesn’t like it, he doesn’t even notice it actually. He sat next to me for over an hour whilst I played the EXACT SAME SONG on repeat and he didn’t even realise, which absolutely blew my mind. And I was playing it out loud, EXTREMELY loud – but he just doesn’t care about music, so it went in one ear and out the other! I just couldn’t imagine a life without music. At least I always get to choose what’s playing in the car though, because it makes no difference to him 😊

Di MadWriter
Reply to  Indy

Interesting. I see there’s a good and bad side to it. 😅

Thank you for sharing, Indy.


Love music too! Have different genres for my moods and activities. Everything from Jazz when I want to go into my introversion to Afrobeats, 90s pop, and 80s dance when I need to shake body lol. Plus, I was obsessed with Celine as a tween and yes, no one appreciated my shrills singing along to her lol

Di MadWriter
Reply to  Viano Dee

We have a lot in common as regards to music preferences. Only difference is, I can’t sing to save my life. Thank you, Kemi.


Laughter is wonderful! It has many benefits. You look and feel good when you laugh. You make others feel better, too. It’s free as well!

Di MadWriter
Reply to  Shar

Exactly! It’s free. Thank you, Shar.


I love the idea of laughter as the music of the soul! I also tend to think of laughter as the orgasm of life.. both great things!

Di MadWriter
Reply to  Nkem

The orgasm of life. Interesting. Thank

you, Nkem.

Melanie williams

This is so so true. I always feel much better after a walk or a good dose of laughter for sure. such a positive post x

Di MadWriter

Thanks a lot, Melanie.


I agree laughter is the most underrated gifts of nature. That’s a good way of putting it. Thanks for sharing a positive post.

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