Ladies: Be More!

Ladies: Be More!

Ladies: Be More!

Note: Contains disturbing information. Reader discretion is advised.

I’m not quite sure how to start this post but I’ll just write and let it flow. Yesterday, I saw a video on someone’s whatsapp status that left me worried and sad. I could only ask why but got no answer.

The video was that of a young naked lady on all fours while a dog was having sex with her. I felt so much sorrow in my soul. Was this done willingly? Is it that she drugged? I wish I knew for sure but I didn’t. It lay in my head like a plague. Why? I couldn’t help but ask why.

I read a story a few months ago. It was one that was sent to a psychology expert by an orphaned lady who was in the university at the time. She happened to be in a dilemma and wanted some advice.

In her story, she admitted that she was lured by some friends who told her that she could get out of poverty by sleeping with dogs. On her first encounter she was paid #3m (a little over $8,000) but it turned out that wouldn’t be the last time as she developed strong sexual urges for dogs and dogs only. It was such as sad story.

Sometimes, ladies go into such acts because of poverty but should that even be an option? For some others, it’s nothing more than greed. They want to live for the gram and show off but really, for how long can they keep up?

The pathetic aspect of the whole thing is that the material things they so struggle to acquire, will shortly be outdated. I remember my first year in school, there was this girl who slept with her sugar daddy for a BlackBerry bold 1. She was the first in the school to have that phone to the best of my knowledge. Fast forward two years later or there about, bold 4 along with the iphone became the in thing among students. Bold 1 became outdated. So, what had she gained?

These days, ladies sleep around just to get a few material things to flaunt for a few moments of fame. The worst are those who twerk naked on IG just for likes and popularity. How did we get here?

If one is so keen about getting recognition, why not let it be for something meaningful, inspiring and innovative? Make your own money through your hard work and integrity. There’s something about beating your chest and saying to yourself: “I did this sh*t by myself.” It is empowering. It is inspiring and it earns you respect.

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I wasn’t born with a silver spoon. I know what suffering means. I have experienced severe hunger. I understand what it means to lack but I kept looking beyond that phase. I always reminded myself of my worth. I kept telling myself that that was just a phase, better things were ahead.

Today, I am grateful for every hardship I faced because it brought me to this moment. It made me look at life differently. It made me more compassionate. I’m not yet there but I keep striving. There has got to be more to offer because you are more.

Ladies, you are more than those naked twerks. You are more than sleeping around with dogs and men for money. There’s no need to steal either. You are more than the fake life you’re living. There’s a million opportunities out there but you need to discover who you truly are first— you need to start from within. You need to put your sh*t together. Stop being desperate. Don’t be greedy.

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It’s not to late to start over. Your past is your past but only you can determine what it’s going to be from here — from now. Ladies, you are more. Be more.

About Ladies: Be More

This post isn’t to put down anyone but to encourage ladies around the world to stop settling for less. We have so much wielded in us— there’s so much untapped potential. We are more than the obstacles we face, than the demeaning things we subject ourselves to because of some certain situations. We are more. We need to be more. We owe it to ourselves to be more.

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my heart aches while reading this post ! I cannot imagine that such things exist. Let’s hope they’ll find the right way soon !

Marjie Mare

No matter how hard and painful it is, I am glad you share that post to shed the light and inspire others.


This is so painful to read but I am glad that I did it anyways because it really has opened my eyes more to what lengths people has gone through to survive. Thank you for sharing this! 

Betty Koshland

I was a little scared while reading it and I couldn’t imagine such act. I believe there’s so many horrible things in the world and I thank you for posting this – if others can read this especially the young ones then their mind will be aware and open and be inspired. Thank you.

Elena Toma

I am not the person to judge and and put labels on people. This is quite a sensitive subject and indeed every lady should see herself how worthy she is of much more !

Luci Westphal

Something you might want to be aware of: as I’m reading this post, the ads between the paragraphs feature dogs. Seems a little too much considering the shocking opening paragraph of your post.

Reply to  Luci Westphal

Oh thanks for bringing it to my notice. Though as at the time I checked I didn’t see it. Will look more into it.

Liz Bayardelle

Female empowerment is such a tricky topic come on but one that needs to be taken incredibly seriously. If it is unwilling, this is incredibly sad, but it’s even sadder that women are in the position where they feel like it’s necessary in the first place.

Gideon Okorie

Quite a sensitive subject but that notwithstanding, everyone is entitled to how they live their lives, and experience they say is the best teacher. 

Melanie williams

I think that people both male and female just need o be themselves.  Be true to who they are and be as honest as they can be x

Khushboo W

Thats a very interesting and sensitive topic. I am noone to judge or comment about others but your post is really very touching

Elle (CleverlyChanging)

Sad and disturbing story, property and the hope of something better can make things we would never consider doing to be appealing. Setting non negotiable standards for what you will and won’t do is a good place to start.

blair villanueva

Though it might be disturbing, it isn’t ours to judge. We don’t know the whole story, all judge second-hand. Unless the lady tells her story herself. Still not ours to judge.


No one is judging— that’s far from the post. I specifically mentioned that I didn’t know and it could be for a couple of reasons. Regardless, we ought to be more. You may want to read it again to get a clearer understanding.


WTF! This is very disturbing and I feel sorry for her and the dogs. We are human beings who are rational creatures who should know what’s right or wrong. The people who paid her and told her that are just sick and do not deserve to live. 


I feel sad and pity for the lady. But I don’t know if it’s really worth the money to let go of your own dignity. I don’t think it’s fair to say that they wanted to earn money for their living, but with that way? In our country I can see small children and too old grandpa’s and grandma’s doing everything to sustain their every day needs. They would sell sampaguitas on churches or cook food to sell. One cannot say this is the only thing I know to earn money when they know someone else with less strength and capabilities tried everything to make a living and value self worth. It is more dignified to sell a sampaguita(PH national flower) on the street than selling their own self. Poverty is not the problem, it’s their way of thinking and willingness to survive. #justsaying #nointensiontojudge

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