Keep Moving (Spoken Word Poetry)

Keep Moving (Spoken Word Poetry)

Keep Moving (Spoken Word Poetry)

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Keep Moving || Viano Dee

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Keep Moving || Viano Dee

do you ever get so bored with yourself
and feel like you only exist to
fill a space in time while your life
just ebbs away with thoughts and ideas of
who you think you are and who they think you are versus
what you like to be and what they expect you to be.

you can feel your 30’s coming close,
ringing bells from a nearby distance
and you’re calmly freaking out, unsure
of what or how to feel.

everyone around you seems to be doing just great
and somehow it seems you’re, well, running late
but isn’t that what our minds like us to think?
that we are many steps behind and it’s already too late to start.

that’s just our minds playing tricks.
it’s never too late to start when we’re using our own scripts.

so on days when some pasts decide to part ways with me,
or on days when my present constantly pressures me
and even on days when my future terribly frightens me,
i just keep moving and i never stop believing.

Written and Performed: Viano Dee
Instrumental: Un Requited love by Sir Cubworth

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Keep Moving
Keep Moving
Keep moving
Keep Moving
Keep moving
Keep Moving

About “Keep Moving”

The poem talks about how exhausted one can be when it seems like time passes with nothing really tangible to show for it. We are constantly battling with who we are versus what others see. It seems to be going great for some while the rest of us just sink in discouragement.

Many people feel if they’ve not achieved certain things before age 30, then they are failures. But that’s not true. That’s our minds trying to trick us because we constantly listen to the wrong crowd telling us what they expect from us.

But the moment we realize that everyone has a unique script and each one must hold on to theirs without envying another or comparing, we will find the courage to keep believing and just keep moving regardless of the pressures from the present and the fears of the future.

Dear reader/listener, just keep moving.

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Viano Dee

Viano Dee is a non niche blogger, poet, songwriter and a hardcore romantic who believes that life is something that we all should be positive about. She writes about life generally with the hope that positive change will occur even if it's just in one person. Her write-ups could take any form: poetry, articles, and even songs in ways that'll inspire you, resonate with you, or tell a story while keeping you both informed and entertained.

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11 months ago

I think a lot of people will be able to find resonance in what you’ve said. We are not our minds or our experiences though, and hopefully that distance will allow us to make better of any situations.

Natasha Mairs
11 months ago

This poem hit home hard. I am 35 and there are still so many things that I haven’t done and want to do before I hit 40.

11 months ago

It is like you are speaking directly to me, I think we are all feeling this right now!

11 months ago

This is so great ! Thank you for sharing

11 months ago

Beautiful poem! Yes the key is to never give up and always keep believing and hoping!

Britt K
11 months ago

This is so relatable to so many people, myself included! Our society has this checklist of important milestones that we’re taught to strive for. Falling short of those leaves us feeling like we are somehow behind where we should be – like we aren’t ‘good enough’ in one way or another. However, we fail to recognize that each and every one of us is a unique individual on our own journey.

11 months ago

Clearly, a lot of people relate to this, which means that you are a great writer – but I think that’s also very important to focus on when these feelings are getting you down, as that means that NO ONE has it all figured it out, even though it may seem that way. Our perspective of everyone else is always skewed.

Bethan Taylor Swaine
11 months ago

Keeping moving forward is an idea that has motivated me through many many difficult times. It really helps me centre myself on what’s important when the world feels crazy x

Di Hickman
11 months ago

I used to think 30 was old, as I head towards 50 I realize age is relative, Just a number. What’s important is like you said “keep moving”.

Emily Terrell
11 months ago

This is a wonderful reminder. To move in our own ways. To take time as we will. In my early 30’s and already feeling completely stopped in life, I have to remember that there are still things to come. I just to have to adjust to them.

10 months ago

We should always keep moving, no matter what. Even taking baby steps is still progress!

10 months ago

Yes, it’s never too late for anything. You just gotta pay attention to your own life instead of everyone elses.

Krizzia Ia Mari Scollon
10 months ago

I felt this so much…. it’s like this is my story Viano!

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