It’s A Tough Job Being God: Spoken Word

It’s A Tough Job Being God: Spoken Word

It’s A Tough Job Being God.

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It’s tough job being God: Spoken Word

I have often wondered
What it feels like to be God.
Does it entail one watching the world on a screen while
sipping on a cup of coffee?
Does it entail pressing buttons so that the sun rises and sets
while the breeze blows in the desired direction?
I have often wondered about how it feels to not know sleep from
eternity to eternity, how it feels to see things go wrong and keep calm,
how it feels to see what goes on in deepest darkness and how it feels
to see clearly the things that go on in people’s hearts.

I have often wondered how it feels to be insulted
by those loved— on a daily basis
and how it feels to still allow some good things come their way,
how it feels to just so easily forgive trespasses
and how it feels to make laws that are binding.
I have often wondered on what basis God makes his decisions
and what conditions warrant first hand attention.

I have wondered about
how it feels to hear each individual speak different things at the same time and understand distinctively what each one is saying,
how it feels to hear each different thought at the same time and know who’s thinking what; to see
all activity at the same time knowing each move that is made and each move that will be made
afterwards by different people at different locations at the same time!

Having thought deeply about it all,
here’s my conclusion:
Being God is a tough job.

It’s A Tough Job Being God

Written and Performed by Viano Dee.

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About It’s A Tough Job Being God

It’s a spoken word poetry that just plays with thoughts of what it would feel like to be God. Over 7 billion people on earth— apart from animals— imagine knowing every thought that goes on in each mind; imagine knowing what is and what would be at the same time— it is so uncomprehending. But I guess, we can only imagine. We are mere mortals; we will never know.


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