ITAAW Music Distribution Company: A Review (2022)

ITAAW Music Distribution Company: A Review (2022)

ITAAW Music Distribution Company: A Review (2022)

ITAAW is a music distribution company based in Africa for Africans. While most music distribution companies collect a certain percentage of artist royalties, ITAAW gives the artist 100% of the royalties collected from music stores including Spotify, Apple music, ITunes, Tictok and a host of others.

They make their money through subscriptions. Their plans include:

a) The Basic plan: Best for artists who release songs frequently. Artists pay a yearly subscription fee of $18.99 for unlimited releases. This however, is limited to only one artist or one band.

b) The Pro plan: Covers a yearly subscription fee of $34.99 for unlimited releases and is limited to two artists or two bands.

c) The Pro Max plan: Best for record labels and offers a yearly subscription fee of $78.99 for unlimited releases limited to 5 artists or bands.

Other plans include:
Lifetime upload of your songs (a one time payment plan per song or album).

Lifetime single: $9.99 per song
Lifetime album: $39.99 per album (a maximum of 25 tracks per album).

Please note that these prices do not include VAT and charges. The charges will be added to your checkout.

After choosing a plan, you can go the How It Works section and follow the steps.

Things to note


ITAAW doesn’t pay out royalties until 2-3 months after release.

To have access to your funds, you need a payoneer account which is quite easy to set up.

But to be able to withdraw from your ITAAW dashboard, you need to have a minimum of $25. That’s not all. I recommend having a minimum of $60 before you withdraw from your dashboard. Here’s why:

A few cents will be deducted from your dashboard when you withdraw. It’ll take about 24hrs before it hits your Payoneer account.

By the time it gets in, you’ll have a few dollars short of the actual amount withdrawn— about $2-3 for VAT and charges. Now if you have less than $50 dollars in your Payoneer account, you won’t be able to cash out.

Reason being that Payoneer doesn’t approve withdrawal of anything less than $50. So at the end of the day, you’ll have your money stuck there and wait till you reach the threshold on ITAAW before repeating the process.

If you don’t want this, waiting till you have up to $60 or more is highly recommended.

You get royalties from all the stores you select. However, for stores like Facebook and Tictok, you get paid per unique content. Let me explain.

Supposing someone has a million followers and decides to use your song maybe in a story or a reel, it is expected that these followers would also view it and the views would count, right? No.

Unfortunately, the number of views won’t count. The only thing that would be recognized would be the number of times the audio was uploaded— not the views.

That being said, ITAAW does not collect royalties for songwriting. Though it is something they hope to do in the near future. It is important to note that songwriters get royalties too, just incase you didn’t know.

Generally, royalties are calculated by each streaming platform and there is no fixed amount for it. It all depends on where the streams come from.

For instance, on Spotify, royalty rates differ from country to country. So if a bulk of your streams come from a country with lower rates, your royalty rates would be lower as opposed to someone who gets streams from a country with higher rates. I hope this makes sense.

Hence, ITAAW does not and cannot determine what is being paid. All it does is to help you collect your royalties.

If you’re experiencing trouble reaching to them via their WhatsApp number, you can send them a mail at: info@itaaw.com. They’ll attend to you ASAP.

Word of advice:
If you are an Independent artist, please do not pay playlists to get your music heard. Streaming services— particularly Spotify does not approve of this.

In fact, it is seen as fraud and can result in getting banned for life. I would suggest using FB ads, social media and submitting to free playlists curators to get your music heard.

That’s all for now. Share your thoughts.

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ITAAW music distribution company

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I have not heard of ITAAW before but it sounds like a great company! The process seems pretty straightforward and easy enough for artists to follow if they want their music released.

Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com


I think it’s great that ITAAW is doing everything they can to ensure that artists have the best possible chance to make a living from their creativity.

Melanie Edjourian
Melanie Edjourian

I’ve not heard of this company before. It sounds like it would be useful for artists to share their music and gain exposure.


looks like a great company to work with. surely I knew nothing about it before!

Lori Bosworth

I love that ITAAW gives 100% of profits to the artists! Artists need all the help they can get to be adequately reimbursed for their work!

Di Hickman

Hadn’t heard of this platform but I love that there are so many options now for artists of all kinds. The barrier between artist and consumer is being broken down more and more ensuring the artists get their fair share!


Never heard of this company, but pleased to learn about it from your blog. It’s true that artists need handy tools and platforms.


Wow! This is an amazing opportunity for artists. I think their plans are reasonable. Thank you for the tips and for helping manage our expectations. Will keep this in mind before deciding to try their service. 

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