Is Pedophilia Now Acceptable?

Is Pedophilia Now Acceptable?

Is Pedophilia Now Acceptable?

Written by Viano Dee

Pedophilia is sexual perversion in which children (who haven’t reached puberty) are the preferred sexual object. Many refer to it as more of a mental disorder than a crime.

If you’ve been paying any attention lately, you may have noticed that the #saveourchildren has been trending for a while. You probably may have wondered why?

For those of you who don’t know, the #saveourchildren “began on July 30th which was World Day Against Trafficking. Instagram influencer, Helen Owens was the one who started the recognition by sharing a powerful post bringing attention to the day and state her support to the 10 million children who live in daily sex slavery”, RollingStone reports.

She made her points and the hashtag soon went viral– viral to the point Facebook had to block it. Just like you, I was a little confused. Why would facebook choose to block a simple yet important hashtag?

Well, a lot of people began talking about how the elites have been practicing pedophilia over the years and even linking it to Pizzagate . On another hand, there were others who used the hashtag to call out Netflix for putting up a controversial poster for the movie, Cuties. The promotional poster showed 11-year-olds in skimpy clothing and that, of course, did not sit well with many.

cuties netflix controversial poster

The director of the movie wasn’t left out as she claimed to have received death threats. Doucouré, in an interview with CinEurope, said she was inspired to make the film after she saw “a group of young girls aged around 11 years old, going up on stage and dancing in a very sensual way while wearing very revealing clothes”. The reason for the movie was to show just how much social media has an impact on the life of young ladies.

Originally titled Mignonnes in France, Cuties is a coming-of-age comedy-drama written and directed by the French screenwriter and filmmaker Maïmouna Doucouré. The movie revolves around an 11-year-old immigrant girl, named Amy, who goes against her conservative Senegalese-Muslim family by joining a dance troupe, known for its indecent adult dance moves.

Netflix has since apologized publicly. However, something caught my attention.

While reading one of the threads (the one that pointed out the difference between the French and American Cuties poster above) on Twitter, this showed up. Funny enough, I only noticed it at the time of writing this article. You can look it up yourself.

At this point, it was starting to make sense. Before now, I had read some Facebook comments (unfortunately, can’t really recall where I saw them because I saved the images instead of screenshooting– my bad ) stating that they had reported some groups that seemed to be promoting pedophilia. Surprisingly, their requests were turned down by FB.

The irony of it is that a group called “End Child Trafficking Worldwide Now” was being disabled while the ones promoting pedophilia were left alone. This makes one wonder: Is pedophilia now acceptable?

Initially, when I saw the images, I thought they were fake but now on a second thought, after looking at Netflix’s response to pedophilia, it kinda makes sense.

Is Pedophilia Now Acceptable?
Is Pedophilia Now Acceptable?

Pedophiles are attaching themselves to the LGTBQ movement it seems. And in all honesty, I’m not really surprised even though some LGTBQ members are outrightly against it.

I got to find out from an acquaintance that they call themselves MAPs and NO-MAPs.

MAPs stands for Minor Attracted Persons while NO-MAPs is short for Non-Offending Minor Attracted Persons. I’m pretty sure you already understand what those mean.

Just in case you don’t, MAPs practise sexual acts with kids, NOMAPs are simply aroused by them without having any sexual intercourse with them (basically, they keep their hands to themselves).

Some claim it is a mental illness others say it is a sexual orientation. How in the world did we get here? Even animals do not defile their young until they are old enough! How depraved can people be?

Oh, it gets worse!

According to MarieClaire.com, sexually assaulted victims have been banned from speaking out in the state of Victoria.

“The state of Victoria has passed a new law that legally bans all sexual assault survivors from speaking out using their real names in cases where the offender has been found guilty – meaning tens of thousands of survivors have lost the legal rights to share their stories. The ‘Gag Law’ also limits survivors advocating for change, and in turn, protects convicted pedophiles and rapists. 

The new changes to the Judicial Proceedings Reports Act, which were quietly introduced in February, apply regardless of whether the victim consents to be named, while also silencing many survivors who have lawfully been able to tell their stories in public in the past. Those found guilty of breaking these new laws could face jail time, and fines in excess of $8,000.

Now, the only way for a survivor to speak out in public is to take the matter to court and obtain a court order – a process which survivors would have to take on themselves.”

Original 26/08/2020 MarieClaire.com: Victorian Government Announces Urgent ‘Gag Law’ Reform After Sexual Assault Survivors Speak Out

However, after a heavy backlash, the government announced that it would make an amendment to the already passed law before the end of 2020. I guess we’ll see how that plays out.

It’s sad to know that even the young innocent ones aren’t safe. Share your thoughts.

— Viano Dee

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Is Pedophilia Now Acceptable?
Is Pedophilia Now Acceptable?

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How can someone be sexually attracted to minors and still call it normal 😪…. like Lucky Dube would say, “we are living in a crazy world”.

Viano Dee
Reply to  Nnaemeka

It’s crazy indeed.


I hope pedophilia will never be acceptable. Sadly, their victims are picked because they are vulnerable. So we have to find a way to help and support wulnerable children and at the same time find and punish the pedophiles.

Viano Dee

Honestly! Let’s hope so.


We’re living in a very strange world. Nothing should surprise us these days in fact. We’re living in dark times and it’ll get worse, Bible prophecy has told us before hand. But we have a duty to buckle up and prepare for all that is yet to come. God help us all

Viano Dee
Reply to  Mirabellalah

That’s very true. Thanks for reading, Mirabellah.


This makes me so sick. How could pedophilia ever be okay.. It really just doesn’t stop in 2020

Viano Dee
Reply to  Veronika

It’s like 2020 is the year of weirdness. It’s frightening.


A local show just aired yesterday highlighting this prob. man, humans are abusing their right. please stop =(

Kristine Nicole Alessandra

Pedophilia is not okay and it will never be acceptable! How can some people even think it is only a form of sexual orientation? It makes me angry thinking about those poor little girls being victims of pedophiles.


I’m disgusted to learn that there are groups supporting pedophilia. That was unfortunate news to me. When will it be about the children; about the youth? There is to much focus on the desires of adults and not the protection of the youth.


This is just unacceptable and the fact that groups like these exist just makes my blood boil. It’s not right and it can never be.

Melanie williams

No, no and no it is not….it will never be acceptable or ok at all!


No, I don’t think so. I still believe that this is totally wrong. However, this is the sad reality that is happening now. 

At least Netflix admitted their fault and made the necessary changes when called out. I think this fight is going to a long one but we just have to continue and be vigilant to stop this sad reality. 

Di Hickman

No, never ok. The issue here is them renaming and trying to make it “socially acceptable”. NO, no, no. I haven’t heard of ANY LGBTQ people saying pedophilia is ok? Sexualization of young children in media has been an issue for a long time. The current president of the USA has said derogatory things about young girls, and had sexual allegations with them.

Charlotte Petit Noble

Absolutely not! It’s wrong. It’s not okay. It pisses me off to even think that some people think that “it is a simple sexual orientation.”


Personally, pedophilia disgusts me. It’s something I will never see as acceptable.


How can Pedophilia be acceptable in any society? I strongly feel against it. I feel everything revolves around consumption of this kind of media. That’s why it is important to collectively boycott such kind of contents! It’s high time before it’s made normal…

Monidipa Dutta

I dont understand, has the world become so full of perverts that they support paedophiles now. I stand against it. It is not at all acceptable!

Melanie williams

No, no no it is not acceptable at all!! This is a definite no for sure

Emily Terrell

I find this incredibly disturbing, but also surprising. At the same time this is rising, we are finding that there is a new s3x education program being introduced in public schools that plans to teach kids about it – starting in kindergarten! It will be progressive and teach a variety of things that are only suitable for adults! This is sick and perverse.

Peter David

Heartbreaking indeed! However, as absolutely perverse as pedophilia is, that’s the kind of negative energy the overlords of humanity feed off on. Only the truly righteous ones can stand against this sort of evil

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