Iniquity: Rap Infused Poetry

Iniquity: Rap Infused Poetry

Iniquity: Rap Infused Poetry

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Look around you, tell me what you see
Darkness and blindness have taken over completely.

Some people insist on being bearers of the truth
Spreading lies— falsehood
False facts, false proof
Blind leading the blind— confused

You say the truth, they hate you
Shut you up, berate you
Uphold the victimizer, ignoring the victim
Support the victimizer in destroying the victim

The system is faulty to the core, blatantly corrupt
This is obvious to all, yet the simple choose to ignore
When they see it, despise it
Laugh it off, discard it
Tell you tales of how the system protects them, loves them, saves them

They empty their buckets full of lies
Covering the pit of innocent cries
Then come after you for stating their crimes
Reprimand you for attempting to save those lives

It’s crazy, overwhelming, saddening, disturbing
That people risk their lives in the bid to save others
Instead of being heard, they are being labeled liars!


Meanwhile, the real liars walk free
They are being defended, protected, respected by those who they enslave.

Justice is being imprisoned because money and power 
connived to get lies to speak against him.

But it’s no surprise— we are at war!
The truth is forbidden but it’s worth fighting for

This is the moment of darkness; when darkness reigns
This is the Mystery of Iniquity after all.

Written and Performed: Viano Dee
Instrumental: Forest of Fear by Aakash Gandhi
Mixed: Semshak

About “Iniquity”

Iniquity is a piece (rap-infused poetry) that sheds light on how fast falsehood spreads and how it is being perceived as truth when it comes from certain “authorities” be it in religion, politics, the media— basically in all walks of life. We’re in an age where many people have refused to reason for themselves, question issues, and see beyond their noses even when truth stares glaringly at them.

What’s worse is that those who actually speak the truth are being castigated and are many times in the minority. They risk their lives to voice out truth but sadly, instead of being heard, they’re being labeled liars. It shows how much people detest the truth hence, the reign of iniquity.

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Iniquity- Viano Dee
Iniquity || Viano Dee
Iniquity- Viano Dee
Iniquity- Viano Dee
Iniquity- Viano Dee
Iniquity- Viano Dee

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Viano Dee

Non-niche blogger. Poet. Songwriter. A hardcore romantic. Her write-ups could take any form: poetry, articles, and even songs in ways that'll inspire you, resonate with you, or tell a story while keeping you both informed and entertained.

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Stephanie Pick

Very interesting read, thank you! I love poetry that gets people to think and this is so well done!

Reply to  Stephanie Pick

I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thank you, Stephanie.


Truth and justice are indeed worth fighting for. They are what guarantee our freedom, and allow us to practice self-autonomy, an inalienable human drive. Nice creative effort. Wish you all the best.

Reply to  Simi

Well said. Thank you for the kind words, Eze.


Strong words on this. Well, at least you manage to express yourself.


Wow, that’ s some powerful poetry!

Reply to  Jenny

Thank you so much, Jenny.


wonderful piece of poetry. I am not a big fan for rap but I do think poetry is poetry and it is beautiful


Rap music reminds me of the days when I was still at high school… The school dance nights, meeting friends, enjoying music!

Eric Gamble

Very deep insight on the evilness and wickedness that lies in man. I wonder what force this rap infused poetry would carry in it’s live presentation. Do you soft speak it or do you yell. I ask because I find that soft intensity burns far greater than loud shouting of a message concerning evil and iniquity.

Reply to  Eric Gamble

In a live presentation, it’ll sound the same. And yes, I too agree that soft intensity burns greater than yelling when it comes to issues as such. However, it is subject to individual preference.

Personally, when I rap about the evil that men do, the beat determines the attitude. If the beat is dramatic enough (as this is) I do not need to add any more intensity to it. But if it isn’t, then a little yelling will come in handy.

Thanks so much for stopping by, Eric. I hope this answers your question.

Britt K

This is such a powerful piece. In the current climate, we are seeing the impact of falsehood and misinformation more than ever. Just look at all the drama on social media as people turn against one another, citing their beliefs regarding the current pandemic. Thank you for sharing this! I am going to send it to a few people that I believe will really appreciate your message.

Reply to  Britt K

You can say that again. The misinformation is terrifying. Thanks for sharing, Britt.

Monidipa Dutta

I was having ahmad headache and right now I’m listening to it on loop. So good, so powerful and like all your other works powerful

Reply to  Monidipa Dutta

I’m glad you enjoyed it enough to replay it. I hope you feel better now. Thanks so much for the support. Much love.


This is so true right now, I feel like media as a whole has done this to the masses and lead them blindly in directions for self gain. I love the lyrics and I know one day all the truths will come out… as they always do.


That’s so true, Jen. No matter how long falsehood lasts, it can never become truth.


Such a powerful and raw read. I do believe that truth unfolds eventually, but overwhelming falsehood makes it difficult to weave through it all.

Peter David

Ageless truth captured beautifully here. Terrific effort you’re putting in here. Many blessings to you



Emily Terrell

Unfortunately, we live in an age when the truth no longer holds value. Secrets and lies do. They rule in high power. They suffocate those unwilling to walk along silently.


See ehn, this country’s problems ehn. But I love your poems/rap


Buckets of lies can be a song title for sure. Henry Rollins is my favorite spoken word artist. I enjoyed some of Jello Biafra’s early stuff as well.

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