Indestructible: Spoken Word

Indestructible: Spoken Word

Indestructible: Spoken Word

Indestructible || Viano Dee

Like a play on a stage,
life presents itself to us.

And like the audience,
we sit and watch.

It is not rare to be amused at
the turn of events — most times they go
separate ways from what we have imagined.

We sit and watch as Evil,
dressed in her regalia parades herself on the streets;

subtly presenting herself as a ray of hope—
deceiving the simple. Collaborating with

Wickedness, she spreads falsehood in every corner; in every street as her subordinates — the deceived — go about doing her bidding.

We sit and watch as Truth lies in chains behind bars wondering if anyone knows him

or if anyone else is aware that he is there—
for he has been blackmailed by Deceit who impersonates him. Then slowly

the followers of the Truth arise to expose deceit; screaming

at the top of their lungs, they raise an alarm — an alarm loud enough to be heard by the deaf.

But Evil has cast a spell upon the deceived, they will defend her till they hit their graves.

As we sit and watch, there’s an uproar of emotions as many take sides with Evil
and few

with the Truth. We watch the few get tortured, threatened and are forced to recant. The ones who can’t

stand go over to the other side; the ones who stand are thoroughly disgraced, robbed

of their rights and some, even killed. Evil builds a strong force— an alliance with all forms of iniquity

and in conjunction with the deceived, they chant songs of victory. But their joy will be cut short because

Truth is indestructible;
he will triumph! And when he does, we will rise and give an


Written and Performed by Viano Dee

Instrumental: A Tale of Vengeance by Aakash Gandhi (Free to use).

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About Indestructible.

Indestructible is a spoken word poetry that paints a picture of life as a play on a stage. It sums up life into two parts: good and evil. The poem basically talks about how there’s so much evil in the world and how there is a war against truth. But despite the attack against it and all who stand for it, there’s hope in the because truth can never be destroyed– it’ll triumph. It will overcome. It always does.

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Viano Dee

Non-niche blogger. Poet. Songwriter. A hardcore romantic. Her write-ups could take any form: poetry, articles, and even songs in ways that'll inspire you, resonate with you, or tell a story while keeping you both informed and entertained.

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Ewuzie Kingsley

Its always a delight listing to your spoken words… You are very good with words. keep it up. 

Komal Patel

Beautifully written. I love how “truth” (to me) is represented in a human way. Like a person, lurking in the shadows trying to come out! 


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Liz Bayardelle

This made such a poignant impression! I especially love the visual of Truth being in jail. You paint quite a picture with words.


Very impressive and creative piece. I can tell you put a lot of time into it. I also tuned into your audio file and you have a great voice!

Annemarie LeBlanc

If only the world would rid itself of all the lies! I like reading your works. It is relevant, inspiring, and yes, it speaks of the truth. 

Yomi Spontaneous

You writing is always so inspirational, I love to read it. Somehow you always know what to say at the right time. 

Luna S

This is beautiful and moving,  I love that you included a live clip of it and the written post as well, Thank you for that.


This is such a wonderful piece. It was written perfectly, I love the message behind it.

Tracy C

Wow! I love the personification of Evil, Wickedness, Deceit and Truth in this poem. I may use it with my students when we are studying types of figurative language. 

Fashion and Style Police

This is so amazing. I love the way you write. Life really presents itself to us. 

Tochukwu Precious Eze

Such a great poem! I love the passion and power represented here. The truth will prevail!


A great poem and great way to sum up life.  It is like a stage and only we can act out our own path in life. Unfortunately there is always evil waiting to catch us and knock us down it is how we deal with it that matters x

Yomi Spontaneous

I absolutely love the message of the song! That as much as life is coming out harshly against the good and truth, there is hope for those who stand for it in the long run! I’ll stick with that!

Susu Yati

An interesting way to sum up life. It is so passionate and rich and thought provoking

Melanie williams

I love to read a good poem and this is no exception to that.  Very passionate piece and makes you think for sure x

Ami Rose

Wow what a fab poem. You’re so talented! Really makes you think.

Ami xxx


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