If Idioms Were Taken Literally During Conversations

If Idioms Were Taken Literally During Conversations

If Idioms Were Taken Literally During Conversations


Idioms are phrases which are figurative in meaning. In other words, idioms mostly don’t make sense when taken literally. Let’s take a few examples of some idioms and see what they’ll sound like if taken literally during conversations.

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Raining Cats and Dogs


Raining cats and dogs. Source: Reddit
Dude, it’s raining cats and dogs.”
“Damn, I feel for who ever is outside bruh.”
“Yeah, me too. Peeps be getting scratched and killed.”
“Crazy mehn. Can’t wait for the raining season to be over. Tired of these cats and dogs littering the whole place and to make things worse we still gotta bury ’em. “
“True, mehn. True. “
Pulling Your Legs


Source: Reddit



“Girl, watchu doin’?”

“I’m only pulling your legs.”

“Yes, I can see that but why?” 

“For elongation.” 

“Nope, thanks. I’m good.”

“But you know boys be liking long legged girls, right?”

“Who said so? And even if that is true, I like my legs the way they are.”

“Fine. If you say so. As for me, I’ll be pulling my legs.”

“Girl, do you.”


“Mehn, dude’s heart was broken into a million pieces.”

“ Yeah, so I heard.” Dude was careless though. He ate too much calories.”

“The way Stacey broke it though.”


“Yeah, they were quarreling and she hit him hard in chest, that’s how his heart broke.”

“Damn. His heart is too weak though. Thought flesh wasn’t supposed to break.”

“Been saying the same thing too. I’m never letting my heart get that weak.”

“Yeah, me too. Would still love to know how long it took to count a million pieces.”


Pot Calling Kettle Black

“Look at the pot calling kettle black”

“Girl, inanimate objects do not talk. Whatchu talkin’ ’bout? Have been taking helium again?”

Think Outside the Box

Source: Reddit

Now is the time for us to think outside the box.”

“Why? What’s wrong with us just thinking like normal people?”


“He’s a dickhead sometimes.”
“You mean like instead of an ogre he transforms into a dickhead sometimes? He’s 6″ 2 tall. That’s quite some length for just the head though. Crazy.”

Opening a can of worms

Source: Reddit

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“I’m opening a can of worms.”

“Where did you even get that from? Please just wait till I leave cause I’m not about to puke. Bye.”

Caught red handed

Red hand

“I caught him red handed! I know it’s blood.”

“Don’t jump into conclusions, it could have been red dye or paint.”

“Anyways, that true.”

Kick the Bucket

“He just kicked the bucket.”

“Hope his foot won’t swell.”

Cloud nine

“Why are you smiling?”

“I’m on cloud nine.”

“Uhmm, clouds don’t have numbers…and you’re right here. Are you still doing drugs?”

So guys, these are examples of what idioms would sound like if they were taken literally during conversations. What do you think? Which are your favourites? Drop your comments.

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[…] Read also: If Idioms Were Taken Literally During Conversations […]

Yomi Spontaneous

Haha this is funny, I tend to take things super literally so I loved it!


Glad you enjoyed it, Brittany.

Claudia Blanton

your illustrations made me laugh – I needed that, after the week I already had! I have not thought about this idioms in a long time – funny how we use expressions sometimes without thinking how weird they would sound to someone who is not familiar with the concept of idioms in the English language. I am German, so it took me a while to get used to them. Blessings! 


Haha! Glad you found this interesting, Claudia. Thanks for reading.

Ewuzie Kingsley

I cant stop laughing.. This post just made my day.. You are very hilarious, thought spoken words are where you shine..  Am leaving to go think outside the box. 


Haha! You should really think outside the box, Kingsley.

Alek ZD

Lol! I found this post pretty funny. It’s always made me laugh how idioms and local phrases sound when taken completely out of context. 

Reply to  Alek ZD

Thanks so much, Alex. Happy it made you laugh.

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