ID2020: Digital ID With Vaccines

ID2020: Digital ID With Vaccines

ID2020: Digital ID With Vaccines

You’re probably wondering what this is about. Relax. This isn’t a “conspiracy theory”, this is the reality. Feel free to do your research, it’s all there.

One thing I want to point out is this: the elites keep you updated with what they are planning to do. You only get the picture when you are paying attention. Many times we don’t get it till we get it. In previous posts, I had dealt with conspiracy theories which of course didn’t sit well with some people, understandably. But this isn’t the case, this is a fact!

At this point, you have the right to decide to remain ignorant and believe the lies sold to you or you can research and be vigilant, it’s all up to you.

What Exactly Is ID2020?

According to Global Research, ID2020 is an alliance of public-private partners, including UN agencies and civil society. It’s an electronic ID program that uses generalized vaccination as a platform for digital identity.

What then is a digital identity? The ID2020 and partners, define it as a computerized record of who a person is, stored in a registry. It is used, in this case, to keep track of who has received vaccination.

“We are implementing a forward-looking approach to digital identity that gives individuals control over their own personal information, while still building off existing systems and programs,” says Anir Chowdhury, policy advisor at a2i.

The Government of Bangladesh recognizes that the design of digital identity systems carries far-reaching implications for individuals’ access to services and livelihoods, and we are eager to pioneer this approach.” (italics for emphasies)

Biometric Update:

Mind you, this new digital identity program was launched at its annual summit in New York, in collaboration with the Government of Bangladesh, vaccine alliance Gavi, Rockerfella Foundation, and new partners in government, academia, and humanitarian relief. Date: September 20, 2019.

How would it be implemented?

Bill Gates, Microsoft founder, announced on March 18, 2020 during a “Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ session” that he is working on a new, invisible “quantum dot tattoo” implant that will track who has been tested for COVID-19 and who has been vaccinated against it, Saved reports.

Gates, while responding to a question on how businesses will be able to operate in the era of maintaining social distancing said, “Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it.” The further states:

“The ‘digital certificates’ Gates was referring to are human-implantable ‘QUANTUM-DOT TATTOOS’ that researchers at MIT and Rice University are working on as a way to hold vaccination records. It was last year in December when scientists from the two universities revealed that they were working on these quantum-dot tattoos after Bill Gates approached them about solving the problem of identifying those who have not been vaccinated.

The quantum-dot tattoos involve applying dissolvable sugar-based micro-needles that contain a vaccine and fluorescent copper-based ‘quantum dots’ embedded inside biocompatible, micron-scale capsules. After the micro-needles dissolve under the skin, they leave the encapsulated quantum dots whose patterns can be read to identify the vaccine that was administered.

The quantum-dot tattoos will likely be supplemented with Bill Gates’ other undertaking called ID2020, which is an ambitious project by Microsoft to solve the problem of over 1 billion people who live without an officially recognized identity. ID2020 is solving this through digital identity.

Currently, the most feasible way of implementing digital identity is either through smartphones or RFID microchip implants. The latter will be Gates’s likely approach not only because of feasibility and sustainability but also because for over 6 years, the Gates Foundation has been funding another project that incorporates human-implantable microchip implants. This project, also spearheaded by MIT, is a birth control microchip implant that will allow women to control contraceptive hormones in their bodies.”

According to,

Wow! It only makes sense that to push this agenda, panic and fear come in handy. Clear case: create a problem, use the media to make it overly outrageous thus causing fear and panic– naturally, the people will be the ones begging for a solution thus they’d gladly accept whatever is being offered.

This is not to say that people haven’t died from the virus, sure they have, but it can be controlled especially when one has a well boosted immune system. If you compare the statistics of those who have the virus versus those who have recovered versus those who have died worldwide, you’ll discover that this shouldn’t cause the kind of panic it is causing right now. Just as some people have noted, hunger and poverty have caused more deaths than this.

Another thing that one may find mind-boggling is the fact that this ‘deadly’ pandemic has no cure, yet there are quick recoveries? How do people recover from something as ‘deadly’ that has no cure? Does this even make sense? Forgive my ignorance, but a deadly virus that has no cure is expected to kill one except of course by miracle one survives. An example is AIDS. This was a virus that killed everyone that had it until they found a way to manage it— years after.

COVID- 19 is a virus (also said to be deadly) that came all of a sudden. They said it has no cure, yet people are recovering and are sent back to society within the shortest possible time. They never said the people who recovered were “managing” COVID-19 as it is said about several diseases that have no cure. This is why we ought to question everything and not just accept whatever is being handed to us like zombies.

Taking the statistics of coronavirus worldwide, according to European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control website, the data collected shows that as of April 4th, there are 1,082,054 cases and 58,142 deaths worldwide. Obviously, there are way more recovery cases than deaths, so why the outrageous panic? If not to push an agenda!

Remember that the ID2020 program was launched in September 2019. Bill Gates had created a scenario where there’d be a pandemic that would cause millions to die. It is called Event 201. This took place in New York on the 18th of October 2019. Just a month after the ID2020 program was launched. The quote below is an excerpt from The Event 201 which was a high-level pandemic exercise. It reads:

“There is no possibility of a vaccine being available in the first year. There is a fictional antiviral drug that can help the sick but not significantly limit the spread of the disease.

Since the whole human population is susceptible, during the initial months of the pandemic, the cumulative number of cases increases exponentially, doubling every week. And as the cases and deaths accumulate, the economic and societal consequences become increasingly severe.

The scenario ends at the 18-month point, with 65 million deaths. The pandemic is beginning to slow due to the decreasing number of susceptible people. The pandemic will continue at some rate until there is an effective vaccine or until 80-90 % of the global population has been exposed. From that point on, it is likely to be an endemic childhood disease.”

Center of Health Security: (

Who else noticed that the so-called fictional pandemic was called coronavirus? Check the link above for details. Such strong similarities between that exercise and what is currently happening.

Despite the fact that the ID2020 is not yet in effect, it is clear to see that things are gradually being put into place for it to become a reality.


The idea of having a digital ID seems like a good one when looked at on the surface. However, the implications are far more frightening. The chip becomes your identity mark or a certification mark if you will. You become a product of the government.

Think of everything about you being closely monitored– your whole life– being tracked like an animal or an object. Every step you take is closely watched. It’s like life in the Netflix Series, The Black Mirror– technologically advanced but very scary because of how much information they’ll have about you and how easy it’ll be to manipulate and control you. Doesn’t sound as delightful, does it? The point exactly!


As stated earlier, the information is out there. Do your research. Again, this is not to cause fear or panic but to keep one prepared. Since more people are beginning to become aware, there could be some restriction or delay to this form of identification– however, it won’t be for long.

It’s only a matter of time before it becomes a MUST! This is something we, as people will not be able to control but with our knowledge, we can decide to submit ourselves to this rule and get all the so-called “benefits” attached to it (such as buying and selling and so on) and lose our souls or prefer to die as free beings. In other words, we will have the right to choose between being slaves or dying. The choice is ours.

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

Revelation 13:16-17

At the end of the day, we are getting to realize greed and power are two major reasons behind this. Not only that, we see that those who seem to look like they are proffering solutions actually have a plan they are trying to execute. Nothing makes this clearer than part of lyrics to the song, “Lies”. It reads:

“Masters of manipulation, skilled in programming/ Acting like they’re really helping while they’re destroying/ Making several promises they know they’ll never keep/Pretending like they care, wolves in clothes of sheep”

“But you see, the masses love it when they’re fed with lies/ And when the lies are in season, the masses will comply/ But when it’s time for truth, the masses will despise it/ Acting like they’re zombies, like they’re hypnotized!

Lies, Viano Dee: (

Do not be like those who are in denial or like those who have decided to despise the truth even when it’s clear. No one will suffer for it but you. Don’t be ignorant. Ignorance is not always bliss.

Share your thoughts.

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ID2020: Digital ID With Vaccines
ID2020: Digital ID with Vaccines


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