I wanna know — Viano Dee

I wanna know — Viano Dee

I wanna know — Viano Dee

I’m terrified for our generation, they’re on top speed driving the fast lane
Zero patience, want things in an instant
No hard work, clearly no perseverance
Got high tastes so they wanna live large
Want the attention — damn, they really wanna splurge
On things they know they can’t even afford
Like a Ford or mansion or to show off in the club

It’s bad when it’s mid-aged doing these things
It’s worse when it’s teenagers entering their tweens
I mean what could have caused this? What are the excuses?
Most times it’s really just embedded in greed
Then you see in desperation, they go out to feed their illusions
Sell off their bodies, sell off their souls
For earthly things that will never make them whole

They’re scamming people of their funds
Defrauding folks in the name of God
They’re casting spells, destroying souls
Killing the innocent without remorse
In many cases, they go insane
Other times, it’s bleeding pain
So tell me what’s the use of it?
If in the end you’ve got no peace

Then we wonder why many die young
Many are wasted, many are lost
Despite their riches, their souls burn with itches
Cause you can’t trade with the devil without getting those stitches
Just when you think you’ll be balling
You end up bawling your eyes out
Cause conditions’never-ending
And your soul just gets more weary

Now you see why God says, “There’s no peace for the wicked”
You can sharpen all your lies but they will turn on you instead
Hear the voices you’ve defiled sing their curses in your head
I’ll say it once, you’ll hear it twice
One day justice will revenge

Oh oh oh, I wanna know oh oh
Ain’t you terrified all your lies
And evil deeds will find will chase you
Oh oh oh, I wanna know oh oh
Ain’t you terrified all your lies
And evil deeds will find will chase you in the dark

I wanna know oh oh oh oh oh oh
(Only the truth shall set you free, only the truth y’all )
Only the truth y’all
Only the truth

Written and Performed: Viano Dee
Beat: Carmen Maria & Edu Espinal

About “I wanna know”

“I wanna know” talks about materialism (greed) and its consequences. With so much emphasis on wealth acquisition, many people have done despicable things in order to achieve this ‘dream’. In the process, they’ve lost themselves and their souls.

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[…] Previous post: I Wanna Know […]

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