How To Start Over In Life

How To Start Over In Life

How To Start Over In Life

Many things can be responsible for one’s downfall or stagnation– a failed relationship, lost job, frustrations, health challenges, costly mistakes, loss of a loved one, financial drain… the list goes on. In times like this, moving on is the last thing one would think of. Time stops and that moment feels like an eternity. The sorrow is indescribable, the pain grasps your lungs and help seems like a lifetime away. What do you do? How do you start over?

I believe you’re reading this expecting a step by step guide. If so, I’m afraid you won’t find that here and that’s because the process is different for each individual. However, I can tell you this: pain is inevitable and that’s not going to change. But it is just as inevitable as joy, love, and everything in between. So what do you when you feel stuck? I always say the same thing every time. Trust God, trust the process, and evolve.

You need to know that the thing that breaks you can also mold you into something amazing. Sometimes, pain is the motivation you need to become a better version of yourself. It’s not a great feeling and it’s definitely not something anyone looks forward to but it has its benefits. Think of it as a goldsmith whose job is to make beautiful gold articles but the only way to successfully do that, is to purify the gold by fire. You are that gold.

If you truly want to start over, change your mindset. It’s not for you to focus on the negatives rather the positives. When you understand that it’s only a process, it becomes easier for you to not only adapt but also rediscover yourself. And when you do, that’s when you begin to see the beauty in your pain. You’ll realize that you’re a step closer to emerging as a beautiful work of art.

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How to Start Over In Life
How to Start Over In Life
How to Start Over In Life
How to Start Over In Life
How to start over in life
How to Start Over In Life

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Cultivating positive thoughts and attitudes helps us build up our resilience in the face of adversity. Great Post.

Sudipta Dev

Coming out from a diffcult situation without breaking up and healing the wound as time passes, is indicative of the tough human spirit. Our hearts are always much stronger than we think. Thank you for spreading your positivity with the world. Always appreciate such articles.

Natasha Mairs

great post and it as given my food for thought. I believe we should always look to the positives when moving forward.


It is important to consider starting over or moving on at times. Changing mindset can help. Sometime we just need to bite the bullet and jump straight in and others take like steps at a time.


Mindset is sooooo important. And sooo hard to flip and keep it there. Great blog post.


I couldn’t agree with you more. Pain and failures are all part of life and one should experience many of them to come out stronger and be better person.

Emily Terrell

I agree 100%. This year, my health has steadily been in decline. My life was drastically changed once again and I find myself lost in the mix. I don’t always feel like I’m becoming something better and new. More often, I feel as though I’m closer to being nothing. But God has a plan. And I’m going to trust in Him.

Cristina Petrini

Beautiful when stories, books and writings like this can help clarify and enlighten the mind.

Britt K

This is great advice. Honestly, I think most of us are focused too hard on having control over everything, but that doesn’t work too well when we’re in the process – we feel like control is still out of our reach. As you said, we need to be willing to change our mindset and adapt.

Stephanie Pick

Such a great post! When we come to terms with the process of the pain, and understand it’s lessons, we are finally able to grow from it!


Thinking of growth as a process is extremely beneficial. I think changing your mindset can be a process too. Great post, thank you for sharing!


I got the chance to start over in life when I had practically nothing. My partner and I had nowhere to live due to a truly unfortunate mishap with my mother, and whilst it was all terrifying at the moment, it was also really exciting, because we knew we’d figure things out, and that we were getting the chance to live our own lives without her and that once we were settled, we’d be free. It’s been 5 years and life has never been better. We’ve both done things we never thought we’d be able to do, and life is only getting better. So whilst us starting over wasn’t by choice, we were homeless and we still bounced back, so I believe if we can do it, anyone can!


Beautiful motivational post! Yes one time or the other each one of us have to start over. Your attitude and mind set helps you a lot to move forward and being positive. Love Trust God, trust the process, and evolve


This is a inspiring post at some point we have all been faced in this scenario, and if we a lucky enough not to have been it good information to take to heart.


It’s vital to always move on, start over and continue with life. Even with major life events, sad moments, we should always have a new start.


So motivating! I agree, even if something completely breaks you, it can help you improve yourself and your life in the end.

Krizzia Ia Mari Scollon

This is so motivating Viano!! Your writings are truly wonderful!

Adriana Lopez

Starting over is a difficult thing but appreciate the the motivation. Indeed focusing on the positive is best.

blair villanueva

I couldn’t agree more when you mentioned ” Trust God, trust the process, and evolve.” Indeed, even life is tough but you won’t lose your faith, you will still find ways to move forward.

Elizabeth O

Our mindset makes a huge difference and being flexible helps a lot. I agree. We all go through this throughout a lifetime.

Krizzia Ia Mari Scollon

Starting a new life isn’t easy.. and I know that cause I basically had to do a restart when we migrate. Wish I saw this post sooner but I think it would be really helpful to those who needs it right now. Thank you!


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Starting over in life is key to not giving up. It’s vital to progress and success. True failure is when you give in, and not persevere.

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