Heartbreak on Steroids

Heartbreak on Steroids

Heartbreak on Steroids

Hey, y’all! Forgive my absence. It’s been quite a journey. Thank you all for still being here. That being said, I’d like to announce the release of my very first poetry book ever titled Heartbreak on Steroids! Yay!

Heartbreak On Steroids is a metaphor for the severe emotional distress or anguish one feels after a breakup. Divided into three short chapters: Love, Heartbreak, and Recovery, it tells a story from the perspectives of two people: The Lover and The Observer.

This is done by creatively weaving poetry and narrative together, making it easy for readers to comprehend and relate to.

I have no doubt that this is one short poetry book you won’t forget in a hurry — even if you’re not a fan of poetry.

So if you’re interested in checking this out, you can get it here for FREE!

P.S: The first 50 people get to download it for free after which you’d only be able to read it online. Hurry now!

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Heartbreak on steroids

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Wow! So intriguing, the choice and plays with words is just so amazing.

I did enjoyed it!

Reply to  James

Thank you so much, James.

Bhadmus segun
Bhadmus segun

Every chapter is a thriller right until the end,,big ups!

Yomi Spontaneous
Yomi Spontaneous

Classic! Good job.

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