From a Grieving Heart

From a Grieving Heart

From a Grieving Heart.
From a Grieving Heart || Viano Dee

So I saw what lips quiver to utter
through the lenses of others.
My heart bleeds at the sight of cruelty offered to those who should have been called brothers.
You kill and destroy because of your insecurities,
your envy has taken the better part of you.
How is it that you act so beastly?
What happened to the human in you?
Time and time again you bleed chronic hatred,
you drink from the waters of bitterness.
Your wickedness won’t make your situation any better: the ones who will soar will still soar. But you,
yes, you! Your acrimony will consume you—
if you let it.
Those who are gone are gone— alive only in memories.
No amount of tears and grieves; no amount of words or yells of regrets
will ever bring them back.
Yet, there you are rejoicing at the murder scenes of your brothers — the ones who stood and fought for you
when you were brutalized by the other race.
Look how cold hearted you’ve become!
Look how myopic you are!
Look how stupid your sense of reasoning is!
You have sided with Evil, did you forget she is a snitch?
She will enable you but soon will turn around to taunt you!
When she does, who will fight for you?

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Written and Performed by Viano Dee
Instrumental: Frost by HOVATOFF

About From a Grieving Heart: A Background Story

The inspiration for this poem comes from the Xenophobia attacks that have taken place before and in recent times. Some days ago, there were clips showing the extreme cruelty carried out against black foreigners for just living in South Africa. My heart bled when I saw how they set some people ablaze. Another clip showed how they tied some others and roasted them like barbecue literally!

They burnt buildings and people were practically jumping out and falling to their deaths. There was another clip of a lady who was being thoroughly beaten from all angles. Her clothes were torn into pieces as she danced through their slaps naked and helpless. Another guy was being hit with a large stone multiple times… and those were just a few clips I came across (won’t post the videos because they are too graphic).

According to the rumour, the attack started when a Nigerian shot dead a taxi driver but two eyewitnesses proved that story wrong– it was a Tanzanian who shot the driver. When asked why Nigerians were being accused, they said it was a result of jealousy. Watch the clip below:

Video source: Twitter

Now, when some of the attackers were interviewed, they had this to say:

Video source: Twitter

Can you imagine the dumb explanation they gave? Does this even make sense? Then listen to the South African Deputy Police Minister justify this act:

Some people have argued that some clips are old. Whether or not they are, they are still relevant because they show how bitter and insecure these people are. Now not all Soth Africans are beastly but the ones who are, are giving the rest a bad name.

When all these happened, Nigerians decided to revenge– which wasn’t a good idea. Shoprite, which is a South African owned franchise was looted in some parts of the country. Here’s the problem I have with that action: the innocent are paying for the crimes they did not commit. Also, most of the staff and suppliers (if not all) are Nigerians. In the bid to seek revenge, these people have ended up hurting their own. Two wrongs can make no right.

It is sad to see how brothers fight against themselves. It is terrible how people can turn evil because of jealousy, envy, and low self-esteem. It is a shame. It is unfortunate.

I strongly condemn both acts. Let those who want to be wicked, be wicked. Their wickedness or evil shouldn’t contaminate you. If they’ve dedicated their hearts to bloodshed, ours should be full of love because so far, I have never seen evil triumph over evil. We shouldn’t be or act like those who have turned themselves into enemies– we are better than that. If we must triumph over evil, we must train ourselves to love. It is in love that evil is subdued.

#saynotoxenophobia #revengeisnottheanswer #twowrongsmakenoright #standforlove

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