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Freedom Is Just An Illusion

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Freedom Is Just An Illusion.

Freedom Is Just An Illusion

“Free our people!”
That was the cry of those who
fought for the people
in the days when slavery,
was more physical than mental. In the days when
slave masters would cruelly maltreat their slaves
with hot irons, clubs and canes. In the days when slaves were
treated like animals and had no opportunity to experience the joys of life
because…cruelty had been fed them and disdain had been their drink,
until they were freed by the voices of those who cried out,
“Free our people!”

Today, they say
we are free and we glory in it. We rarely—hardly ever hear cases of slaves or
masters. We feel secure that we have our rights but
do we? Are we truly free?
We aren’t.
We are slaves who are tortured but not with visible hot irons, clubs and canes.
We have our rights but our voices will not free us.
We are slaves to the things that controls us—to science and technology.
We are slaves to ideas, mentalities, events, dreams and scripts;
to the adverts around us, to ourselves, to the laws that bind us—
to rules and to regulations made by God or man
to principles or plans…
You see, for as long as man exists, he is bound by certain rules
even in lawlessness, there are rules that are binding.
when we talk of being free—
we are just talking about another aspect of slavery.

Written and Performed by Viano Dee

About Freedom Is Just An Illusion

This spoken word poetry is one that provokes the reader to question what freedom is, first, by addressing slavery as what everyone knows it to mean.

The first part of the poem talks about the physical slavery. The second, talks about the other aspects (which include the mental, social, spiritual aspects) of slavery.

What the poet is trying to pass across is this: no man is truly free. Man is subject to something or someone knowingly or unknowingly.

Even if one doesn’t believe in God or the devil or science and claims they are in charge of their lives— there is still a check— the conscience.

Again, if one has decided to be good, it means there is a law that guides them from doing evil. If one has decided to be evil, it means there is a law guiding them from doing good— hence no man is entirely free.

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