Forced Vaccination: Bill Passes First And Second Reading Without Scrutiny

Forced Vaccination: Bill Passes First And Second Reading Without Scrutiny

Forced Vaccination: Bill Passes First And Second Reading Without Scrutiny

It seems like the “conspiracy theories” going around may actually be turning to facts. With the current situation worldwide and the increase in confirmed cases, many people are beginning to pay attention. However, there are some who have delibrately decided to ignore the signs.

In Nigeria, a Bill for an Act to repeal the Quarantine Act, and enact the Control of Infectious Diseases bill, has passed a second reading in the House of Representatives, according to Vanguard.

The bill to make vaccines compulsory was co-sponsored by the Speaker, Femi Gbajabiamila, Reps Pascal Obi and Tanko Sununu.

The Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) already alleged that the Green Chamber of the National Assembly had been offered money to pass the bill despite no input from stakeholders.

In the statement, the body alleged that a sum of $10 million was offered by the American computer wizard and billionaire, Bill Gates to influence the speedy passage of the bill without recourse to legislative public hearing, a development they averted as anachronistic, adding that the Speaker, Femi Gbajabiamila should be impeached if he forces the bill on members.

Part of the statement reads:

“We have been informed that the alleged deal on the passage of the Bill was struck during a trip to Austria a few months back while the financial support for the promotion of the Bill was allegedly received last week to mobilize for a push leading to the hurried attempt to pass the Bill by any means necessary.

“Nigerians are reminded that at present, there is no discovered/approved vaccine anywhere in the world and one now begins to wonder why the hurry to pass a Bill for a compulsory vaccine when there is none.

“What if the world eventually does not find a vaccine or cure for coronavirus just like it has not found a cure for HIV AIDS? What is the hurry in passing a Bill based on speculation or is there anything else the leadership of the House would want to tell Nigerians? Is this bill what will stop the mass deaths and infections rising in Lagos, Kano, Abuja, Gombe, Borno, Kaduna, Ogun, Bauchi and indeed all over the country?

“Is this Bill going to revive and grow the economy and reduce hunger and give us more testing kits or bed spaces? Is this Bill going to stop the stealing of palliatives meant for poor and vulnerable Nigerians? Is it true that all these noises for the Bill is all for the alleged $10 million?”

Click citation to read the full statement.

Daily Post: Bill Gates offered House of Reps $10m bribe for speedy passage of compulsory vaccine bill – CUPP alleges

The bill passed first and second reading at plenary under controversial circumstances.

The CSOs, in a joint statement by Centre for Democracy and Development, Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre, Say No Campaign, Amnesty International, Yiaga Africa, Human and Environmental Development Agenda, International Press Centre, among others, said the bill almost passed third reading in April before it was resisted by some vigilant members, the Daily Post reports.

Food For Thought On Forced Vaccination

Why the hurry to pass a bill if there are no known vaccines? Assuming there are, why use a country with a low number of cases as a testing ground?

Secondly, why is Bill Gates so concerned about everyone’s health? What is the reason for forced vaccination? Aren’t people free to make choices anymore? Where is the room for consent?

After all, aren’t vaccines given so that one may be immune to the virus or disease as they argue? So if one would rather they die than take the vaccine, how does it affect Bill or anyone?

This is very simple. Let those who want the vaccines, take them. Let those who want it, sort themselves out. If they die, so be it! It is their choice, not yours! Not anyone’s!

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Forced Vaccination
Forced Vaccination

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