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Feed the People with Lies: Spoken Word

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Feed the People with lies: Spoken Word

Feed the People with Lies|| Viano Dee

Feed the people!

Feed the people with lies
and watch them clamour for more.

Grant to them what they are hungry for—
promise them freedom while binding their

feet in chains,
still they’ll chant your name.

Give them sunshine with snow frosts,
and with gratitude, they’ll prostrate.

Trade their silver for dusts of ashes —
their cash for bountiful emptiness.

Drained and dry they may be;
like deranged souls, they’ll serve you their blood to drink.

Deeply infested with ignorance, they remain daft even as truth presents facts.

Stand on the mountain tops and proclaim your lies,

the people will draw nigh and lift your name to the skies.

Feed the people!

Feed the people with lies:
they do not deserve the truth for they have deserted it.

Feed the people!

Feed the people with lies,
and watch them clamour for more.

Written and Performed by Viano Dee. Instrumental: The Heartache (Royalty Free Beat).

About Feed the People with Lies.

The poem is a reflection of our society. How people celebrate lies above truth just because they hold the liars in high esteem.

And though this may apply to every aspect in life — the poet is referring to the nature of Christianity in Africa.

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The height of idolatry (worship of men) is all shades of disturbing. What’s worse is that many of these so called spiritual leaders are actually false prophets who manipulate, extort, ridicule and lie to these people in a clearly visible manner yet these people praise and honour them even above God.

Not only that, when the evil of such leaders are exposed with HARD FACTS, their followers defend them wholeheartedly with useless and pointless reasons. How else can one describe chronic daftness?

What can one say? Such people deserve what they get — they deserve to be fed with lies since they detest the truth.

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